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What is Special to Know About Jumeirah Beauty Salons?

Due to the revolution in each industry, the beauty industry is also extended. So, it becomes much more challenging to check how many treatments are present. Now, many salons are present to offer beauty treatments. These range from nail art to hair styling and more.

Jumeirah beauty salons offer many services according to the needs of customers. From hair cutting to styling to skin care, the Jumeirah beauty salons cover all needs. Whether you want to get a trendy haircut or color, you can visit Nail Concept, which is one of the top-rated salons for a relaxing escape.

Benefits of Booking Jumeirah Beauty Salon

All the Jumeirah beauty salons are famous for providing hair and skin treatments. Other than this, the salons also offer many other benefits. The salons are not only spaces to transform your look. At the same time, these are the best places to improve your well-being.

All the professionals in salons understand your needs. Also, they know that inner beauty is necessary to bring external beauty. So they provide services designed according to customer’s needs. From treating your body to your soul to your mind, they offer many benefits. So you can become refreshed and ready to defeat the world.

Luxurious Atmosphere:

Stepping into the salon means entering the world of luxury. The salon has a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. So you can have an enjoyable experience away from your busy life. The majority of beauty salons that have separate sections for Spa treatment have great ambiance and a calming environment that attract customers, just like the Nail Concept team.

Customized Consultations:

Nail Concept always offers tailored consultation. At this step, the experts get an idea about the needs of customers. Also, they understand their lifestyle and skin types. This way, the salon can customize treatment plans according to customer needs. As a result, the customers get a customized experience.

Advanced Treatments:

All the Jumeirah salons offer innovative treatments to customers. All the salons focus on the latest treatments and technologies, from innovative technologies in skin treatments to hair solutions. You can get many treatments from reliable salons. This way, you can get the better beauty services and experience.

Professional Expertise:

All the beauty experts are not only stylists. At the same time, they are artists and create the unique treatment. They have many years of experience and have training and certification. Also, they can stay updated with industry trends. So they provide services in less time according to the latest fashion industry.

Focus on wellness:

Nail Concept understands the importance of beauty and wellness. So, it also offers wellness services with complete experiences. These services include massages, therapies and mindful practices. So you can get many services other than skin and hair treatment. It means you can get complete recovery and refreshing treatments.

Reliable Nail Experts:

All the technicians are experts in manicures, pedicures and other therapies. Also, they have the qualifications to provide nail treatments. So they understand the bad impacts of harmful substances. Also, they know which treatments to apply.

Some top-rated salons for a relaxing escape are only experts in nail care and spa. However, they have many years of experience. So they deliver quality services to clients. Moreover, they pay full attention to each detail. For this, they offer better customer service and let customers feel comfortable.


Beauty salons are the right place to get quality treatments for hair and skin. The salons cater to the needs of regular as well as seasonal customers. The technicians have training to provide better treatment. Also, they have certification to deliver the treatment customers want.

If you visit the beauty salon, you will know how professional they are. Also, you will know their responsibilities and duties. Whether you want to get soothing treatment in the small salon or Nail Concept, you will get the best experience of your life at this place. Book your seat now to avail yourself of amazing services and revitalize yourself now!

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Factors to Consider While Choosing a Nail Salon for Extensions

Suppose you want to groom yourself in the best salon. Then why don’t you choose Nail Concept? Nothing is better than having a manicure and pedicure after a long, hectic routine. Whether you want to enjoy creative nail art or just need a manicure, this salon is the right place to get your job done.

However, if you have to choose any other salon, it may become overwhelming. But after considering some factors, you can make your process easier. Choosing a nail salon for extensions is a tough task. So, let’s have a look at some professional tips for finding a reputable salon.

Consider the Budget When Choosing a Nail Salon:

All nail salons are not the same and don’t offer similar services. It means they have different budgets, too. If you want to get premium services and start choosing a nail salon for extensions, then look for salons with a high price range by considering some important tips. However, if you have a limited budget, then consider an independent provider.

Check Out the Salon Experience:

Most of the time, due to inexperienced behaviour, you may suffer from manicure mishaps. As a result, your hands look bad, which can’t be hidden. So it is always better to choose an experienced salon. If you want a top-rated salon, then Nail Concept is the right option.

The experienced technicians in this salon not only offer quality services. They also minimize manicure mishaps and use advanced treatments. Also, they offer you many options of designs to choose from.

Check the List of services:

Before booking an appointment with a salon, always check the List of services. In fact, make sure to ask the manicurist about the treatment. You may ask about nail shape, nail art, or browse colour before an appointment.

Many reliable salons offer quality services for hands, feet and nails. So always check the services list to add some extra services while you are in the salon.

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Hygiene is most crucial in a salon. Obviously, you are concerned about your safety and want a salon that follows cleaning policies. That is why you must check if the salon prefers hygienic practices.

You may check online images of the salon. It gives you an idea about how the salon maintains each item. Also, you may check reviews regarding the cleanliness of the salon.

Look at the Products Used:

While choosing a nail salon, always check what products the technicians use. If you have a visit in the salon and see products of famous brands. It means the salon follows the highest standards and uses quality products.

Ask about Loyalty Rewards:

Suppose you want to keep yourself maintained by having a pedicure and manicure. Then why don’t you head over to the salon and enjoy its loyalty rewards? Many reliable nail salons offer discounts, deals, rewards and free treatments. However, some salons allow you to have a loyalty card to enjoy many perks. This way, you can not only save money. At the same time, you have the opportunity to try new treatments.

Check Customer Reviews:

What others think of the salon matters a lot. A reliable salon always has all positive and negative reviews on the official site. So before choosing any salon, read out all the reviews. It is much better to check reviews with attached photos. It will give you an idea of how a manicure looks on the customers.


Never spend or waste your money if you don’t have a surety to a nail salon. Start choosing a nail salon for extensions who are providing the best services. Always prefer professional and quality services while investing your money. However, to know if the salon is better for you, you have to consider some factors. Among all other elements, facility and staff are the main. Suppose you want to get a memorable salon experience. Then, always choose Nail Concept because this salon offers many services!

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Read to Know What Type of Nail Extensions Last the Longest

What Type of Nail Extensions Last the Longest;

When women choose nail extensions, the first thing that comes to mind is their longevity. Obviously, no one wants to invest in an extension that does not last long. Every girl has a dream to keep her nails beautiful without chipping off extensions.

Suppose you are one of those who want a durable extension. But I don’t know what type of nail extensions last the longest. Then, this blog is for you. Here, we will discuss different extension types. Also, we will discuss their longevity period to help you decide the right one.

The Different Types of Nail Extensions

Before discussing the long-lasting nail extension, let’s discuss some famous extension types. These include:

Acrylic Nails:

These nails are formed with the combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. So, a paste is formed, which is then applied and shaped on nails. These nails are famous for their strength and durability.

Gel Nails:

In the extension, the gel is applied to the nails and left under the LED lamp. These nails are famous for their natural look and flexibility.

Dip Powder Nails:

In this extension, you have to dip nails in the colorful powder. To stick the powder with the nails, a bonding solution is used. These nails are famous for durability and less weight.

Fiberglass or Silk Nails:

In this extension, the Nail concept uses a silk fabric or fiberglass. This is used as the layer on natural layers. These nails are useful for damaged nails.

Which Nail Extension Can Last Longest?

Now you have an idea about different types of nail extensions. Now is the time to know what type of nail extensions last the longest:

Acrylic Nails: The Longevity Champions

When you talk about long-lasting nails, then acrylic nails are the better option. The following are some reasons why these nails are famous:

Strength and Durability:

Acrylic nails are durable and strong and can resist breaking. Also, these nails are perfect for everyday use without any wear and tear.


Acrylic nails are easy to customize. So you can ask Nail Concept to customize nails in the preferred length and shape.


The best thing is that acrylic nails don’t require much maintenance. At the same time, these can last for many weeks without filling.

Resistant to Moisture:

Acrylic nails are also resistant to humidity. So you can wear these nails and perform any task such as washing dishes and swimming.


Acrylic nails are affordable compared to other types. That is why it is the better option for girls with limited budgets.

Acrylic nails are famous for durability and strength, so you need to ask the right technician to apply these nails; also, focus on proper filling and aftercare to increase their lifespan.

Gel Nails: A Strong Candidate

These nails are not as durable as acrylic nails. But these are strong candidates as long-lasting extensions. The following are the benefits of this extension:

Natural Look:

These nails offer a natural look to your nails. So, it is the better choice for those who want a refined look.


Gel nails are available in different finishes and colors. So you can create a style as you want.

These nails are long-lasting but not the perfect option for those who use their natural nails more. Also, you need to do proper aftercare to increase the life of these nails.

Dip Powder Nails: A Rising Star

What type of nail extensions last the longest? These nails are famous for longevity and easy application. The following are the benefits of these nails:


These nails have better strength and resilience. So, the extension creates a strong and long-lasting finish.


The nails are less in weight and look natural. It is why these are perfect for daily and comfortable wear.

No UV/LED Light:

These nails don’t need to be placed under LED light. So, it decreases the damage to natural nails.

Minimal Filling:

Dip nails don’t need much filing and maintenance. You can keep them for many weeks without more touch-ups.


When we talk about durable and long-lasting nail extensions, the winner is acrylic nails because they are durable and have better strength. However, its rivals, such as silk nails, dip powder, and gel nails, are also good choices. All these come with unique features and benefits.

What type of nail extensions last the longest? Keep in mind that the longevity of the extension is based on some factors. These include technician expertise, aftercare, and lifestyle with diet. So, if you follow all these tips and maintain your extension, then any of the extensions will remain long. But make sure to consult Nail Concept for proper nail extension application!

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How Can Nail Salons Fix Broken Natural Nails? Expert Nail Repairing

Fix Broken Natural Nails

Nails are the most beautiful and sensitive part of your skin. Long nails increase the beauty of your hands. While in some cases, your natural nails break down. So you have to fix these broken nails.

Here Nail Concept is the right salon to fix your broken nails. The experts apply cotton to your broken nails. After that, they stick this cotton with glue on your nails. Then, they let your nails dry for some time. They also use glue-drying spray to quicken the process.

Once your nails are dried, you can apply the nail color to your nails. You should also keep your nails smooth and healthy. However, it will take some time to grow back your natural nails. However some efforts may speed up the growth of nails. The blog will answer queries about can nail salons fix broken natural nails. Further, we will explore the hacks to fix your broken nails. So you should try these hacks at your home. The reason is that these are easy and fast.

Can you fix a detached nail?

The answer to this question is no. It is not possible for you to fix your broken nails. When your nails separate from nail beds, you have to wait for some time to grow back your nails.

In case of complete separation of nails from the nail bed. The glue will not help you, so wait patiently. At this stage, maybe you think nail salon can fix cracked nails. Yes, the experts at salons can quickly fix this issue.

Why does the nail detach from the nail bed?

There are many reasons for detaching nails from the nail bed. The main physical reason is when you bounce your nails.

While in some cases, your nails break down partly. So you may use glue to adhere cut nails with the nail bed.

Suppose a single part of the nails is still adhered to the nail bed. Then it would be best if you did not cut it because it will quicken the growth process.Though detached nails are not harmful to your health, experts in Nail Concept recommend keeping them clean. This way, you may avoid the growth of any infection.

How do you treat split nails?

Can nail salons fix cracked nails? Yes, salons have many methods to prevent nails from splitting. The experts in salons use different products.

While if you want to treat this issue at home. It is recommended to use alpha hydroxy acid to soothe your nails.

When you want to adhere your cut nail part with a complete nail, then it is recommended to use glue and silk wrap.

In some cases, your split nails are not easy to fix. So you can visit the Nail Concept. This salon helps you to fix your split nails. The experts use different medical treatments for this.

Can a nail salon fix a broken natural nail?

Now the main question is, can nail salons fix broken natural nails? Yes, nail salons are the right option to fix your broken nails. The experts apply cotton and use glue to stick this cotton. Then, they let your nails dry for some time. They also use glue-drying spray to quicken the process.

While it is not recommended to use glue to fix nails, in comparison, you should use silk wrap and a tea bag. Plus, nail color may also be a better replacement for glue.

At home, you may easily fix the split nails. But it is not easy for you to fix detached nails at home. So wrap your nails in any cloth and trim them. This way, you may prevent your nails from catching anything.

When you rip your detached nail, it causes more pain. Moreover, this nail takes almost 18 months to grow back.

Most of the time, you have issues with cracked nails often. It is because of many other causes. So it is always recommended to trim nails regularly.

How to Prevent Nail Breakage Further?

There are many ways to prevent nails from breaking. These include the use of coconut oil and cocoa butter. Both these keep your nails moisturized. But not use both of these substances more. Otherwise, these will soften your nails and cause breakage.

Moreover, it is not recommended to use strong nail paints. Some paints have alcohol which can damage the outer shape of nails. So never use this paint and prevent your nails from breaking.Besides, you should regularly eat healthy food. Eat vegetables because these contain vitamins that are healthy for nails.


We have clearly discussed, “Can nail salons fix broken natural nails?” The answer is yes; nail salons have many tricks to do it. You don’t need to cut your nails short to prevent cracking. At the same time, you should keep your nails healthy and smooth. It is the best way to keep your nails strong.

Moreover, some repairing tips may grow your nails. These may also prevent the breakage of nails using tea bags. After knowing the right steps, you may prevent future breaking of nails. If your nails will break, you may apply these tips to heal them. For more help, you should contact the experts of Nail Concept!

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Do Nail Extensions Ruin Your Nails Health?

Do Nail Extensions Ruin Your Nails Health

Beautiful nails express that you care about yourself and focus on grooming. While many people don’t have large nails, they want to improve the look of nails. In such a case, the better option is nail extension.

When you think about choosing nail extensions, maybe a question arises in your mind. Do nail extensions ruin your nails? Well! The answer lies in this blog. So, delve into this blog to know the possible effects of nail extensions.

What are Nail Extensions?

These are artificial nails that are applied to your natural nails. The extensions are helpful to increase the length and strength of natural nails. Different materials are used in the formation of extensions. These include acrylic, gel, and fiberglass.

Application of extension needs skills so it can give better results. However, before applying for an extension, you need to check the risks.

The Potential Side Effects of Nail Extensions

There are several reasons why people choose nail extensions. The main reason is that extensions can increase the length of nails. Also, the extensions can give a stylish look to nails. This is why these are perfect options for occasions.

Not only this, extensions are a durable option for people who have weak nails. This is because extension provides strength to natural nails.

The best thing is that the nail extension is customizable. So you can choose the design, color, and nail art as per your needs. This way, you can bring creativity and style to express yourself.

Now, are you worried about doing nail extensions ruin your nails? Well! It is time to explore some possible risks:

Weakening of Natural Nails:

The main risk that arises with nail extension is that it can weaken natural nails. In the application of extension, a top layer of natural nails is removed. So, a secure layer of extension is applied. As a result, it leaves your nails at more risk of damage.

Risk of Infections:

Suppose you don’t apply an extension properly. It may create a place for bacteria to grow, which then cause infection. The place between artificial and natural nails becomes the cause of pain and infection growth. That is why you need to go to Nail Concept for the proper application of extension.

Allergic Reactions:

Nail extensions, mainly acrylic nails, are made of chemicals. So, people are more at risk of allergic reactions. These may be itching, discomfort, and redness. In such a case, you have to remove the extension as soon as possible.

Brittle Nails After Removal:

Do nail extensions ruin your nails? Obviously yes. Maybe you love to strong your nails. But once you remove the extension, it may make your natural nails brittle. It is because of the harsh removal process, which may cause fragile nails.

Difficulty in Spotting Nail Issues:

When you have applied nail extension, it becomes difficult to notice any nail issues, such as changes in color and texture. Due to this negligence, there are many chances of underlying issues.

Maintaining Healthy Nails with Extensions

Though nail extensions are available with risks, you can avoid such risks in the following ways:

Choose a Reputable Nail Technician:

Make sure to choose a skilled and reputable nail technician such as Nail Concept. This way, you can get assurance that you will get the perfect extension. As a result, it can decrease the chances of risks.

Opt for High-Quality Products:

Always go for super quality products that may cause less reaction. This way, you can protect your natural nails from weakening.

Give Your Nails a Break:

Make sure to allow your nails to breathe from time to time once you wear an extension for a long time. Then, it is better to give them an extended break to maintain their health.

Regular Maintenance:

Make sure to visit Nail Concept regularly. This way, you can maintain the condition of the extension and avoid risks.

Be Mindful of Aftercare:

Always follow the aftercare guidelines that your technician offers to you. The guidelines may be to avoid exposure of nails to water and maintain hygiene.


Do nail extensions ruin your nails? As nail extensions are the best way to get long and beautiful nails. But these also come with some risks for your natural nails. So make sure to check the pros and cons equally. Then make the right decision according to your preferences.

Suppose you want to apply nail extension. It is always recommended to choose the right technician. Also, care and maintain your natural nails to avoid harm!

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What to Do After Removing Nail Extensions? Nail-Care Guide

What to Do After Removing Nail Extensions

Are you looking for ways to make your natural nails look stylish and long? Well! You have the better option of nail extensions. These can not only give a stylish look but also allow you to customize nails as you want.

However, when you have to remove the extension, you need to take some precautions and care. The removal of extension from natural nails is a delicate process. It is because your natural nails are more at risk of weakening and brittleness.

So, are you curious to know what to do after removing nail extensions?Read this blog and learn the step-by-step process of extension removal.

Step 1: Gently Remove the Extensions

Before caring for natural nails, you have to remove nail extensions. Maybe you feel it exciting to peel off the extension. But this activity may cause some issues to your natural nails. In such a case, you have to visit Nail Concept. The technician will remove the extension with care and safety. Also, the technician uses the right products and the best process for the removal of the extension.

Step 2: Trim and Shape Your Natural Nails

Once you remove the nail extension, you will see that your natural nails have uneven edges. So, you have to trim and shape them to start the recovery process. Make the right length of nails using a clipper. Then, use a nail file to shape natural nails. Never use coarse files because they may damage nails.

Step 3: Soak and Moisturize

Make sure to soak your nails in warm water. It will not only soften nails but also will remove any adhesive from the extension. It is better if you use a few drops of liquid soap or nail conditioner. Then, soak your hand for 15 minutes. After that, use a soft towel to pat your nails.

After the soaking process, make sure to moisturize nails and cuticles. For this, you can use nourishing oil or nail cream to moisturize nails. This can increase blood flow in the nail area and improve their health and growth.

Step 4: Nail Strengthening Treatments

What to do after removing nail extensions? After removing the extension, it is a good idea to go for nail strengthening treatments. In these treatments, keratin and vitamins are used to nourish your nails. To apply the treatment according to guidelines for strong nails.

Step 5: Maintain a Healthy Diet

Besides everything else, a healthy diet can enhance the health of nails. So always eat biotin-rich food such as leaf greens, eggs, and nuts. Biotin can improve nail growth and strength. You may also add vitamins A and E, along with zinc and iron, to your diet.

Step 6: Give Your Nails a Break

Once Nail Concept removes the extension, it is a better idea to give some time to natural nails. No need to apply nail polish or artificial nails. Allow your nails to recover completely, and breathe properly. During this process, your nails will recover and become strong.

Step 7: Be Gentle with Your Nails

When you are waiting for the growth of natural nails, it is better to be gentle with your natural nails. There is no need to use nails for any task, such as opening a can or scratching the sticker. Otherwise, it will cause the breaking of nails. Also, make sure to wear gloves during chores to avoid exposure to water.

Step 8: Maintain Good Nail Hygiene

In the end, hygiene is necessary to maintain the good health of nails. Make sure to regularly clean nails using mild soap and water. Also, use a soft brush to remove dirt and dust from nails. There is no need to clean excessively. Otherwise, it will damage nail plates.


Removing a nail extension is a challenging task. It is your test of how you can maintain the beauty of your natural nails. So, we have to go through the steps of what to do after removing nail extensions.

With care, patience, and attention, you can remove the extension properly. Keep in mind that the health of your nails must be your priority. Also, remember that the nail recovery journey is different for each individual. So you need to be patient to get the better results.

If you are looking for the best nail extension removal services, then get the expertise of an expert nail salon team. For more help in the removal of the extension, you can contact Nail Concept to get your nail extension done and vail services of nail extension removal at affordable rates!

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How to Apply Extension Nail Gel – Step-by-Step Guide

how to apply extension nail gel

Nail gel extension is the most famous nail art. It provides an opportunity to get elegant and long nails. This transforming and gaming-changing art is durable and versatile. So, if you want to apply for this extension, you can visit a salon. Nail Concept is a famous salon that applies all gel nail extensions.

Suppose you want to try it yourself without visiting a salon. Then, you need to become a master in applying this extension. To know the steps of how to apply extension nail gel. Make sure to read this guide.

Here, we will discuss each step of applying for an extension. So, you will get salon-quality results from the comfort of your home. 

From gathering all supplies to finishing products. We will guide you at each step. This way, you will be able to get a perfect nail extension. So don’t wait, and let’s start.

How to Apply Extension Nail Gel?

Most nail lovers want to know how to apply nail gel to their nail extensions easily. Well! Properly manicured nails can enhance the overall look. Also, it can enhance confidence levels. Nail gel extension is a famous option to get long and stunning nails. This option avoids the need for acrylic nails. To know how to apply extension nail gel, read these steps:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before applying for an extension, gather all supplies, such as:

·         Nail extension gel kit

·         Nail forms or tips

·         UV or LED lamp

·         Nail file and buffer

·         Nail cleanser and primer

·         Cuticle pusher

·         Nail brush

·         Isopropyl alcohol

·         Lint-free wipes


Step 2: Prepare Your Natural Nails

After gathering supplies, prepare natural nails. However, now remove nail polish, trim nails, and shape them through filer. To create a beautiful canvas for extension, push back cuticles.

Step 3: Apply Primer and Base Coat

How do you apply extension nail gel? Now, use a primer to apply on natural nails. It will enhance the adhesion of extension to nails. After that, apply a base coat for nail protection. Keep base coat under LED lamp according to instructions.

Step 4: Choose Nail Forms or Tips

At this step, you have to choose between nail form or tip. For a natural look, nail form is perfect. While for easy and effective application, the nail tip is perfect.

Step 5: Apply Extension Gel

Take extension gel on the brush and apply it to the nails. Spread and shape this gel to create a specific nail shape. Make sure to keep the gel away from the skin. Before using gel, keep it under the lamp.

Step 6: Shape and Buff

After curing the gel under the lamp, remove the nail form. Then, apply the file to give the required shape and style. For a better finish, use a buffer to smooth the nail surface.

Step 7: Apply Top Coat

Now apply a top coat for protection of extension. Before using, cure the top coat layer under the lamp.

Step 8: Cleanse and Finish

Then, soak a lint-free wipe in alcohol or nail cleaner. Then, apply it to the nails to cleanse them and remove any residue. This will create a shiny look on the nail surface. Then, use a moisturizer on nails and cuticles for their healthy growth.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Beautiful Nails

Everything is done, so congratulations. However, now you have applied nail gel extension to your natural nails. So enjoy a stunning and glamorous look of nails.


We have discussed the ways of how to apply extension gel nails. However, this extension not only enhances durability and versatility. But also it enhances your personal style, whether you want a traditional or natural look. Whether you want vibrant colors or dull ones. You can get customized extensions according to your preferences.

If you want to apply yourself, you need to have proper tools and practice. So you will see a rewarding and affordable result that will long last. If you want to visit the salon, then contact New Concept. It is the best and most reliable salon for manicures and pedicures



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How Often Should a Woman Get Her Hair Done?

With so many things to do in life, a woman also wants to keep her hair organized. Besides all other goals and welcoming new things, we like to see dreams and plan everything. Most important of all is the organization, which makes us happy.

What do you think of hair organization? It is the main goal of every woman, but they don’t know how often to do this. So we have designed this blog to help all women to know when they should visit hair salon for women. Let’s start discussing it.

Let’s talk about your schedule!

Do you think how much time you should keep between two hair appointments? If you go for trimming or cutting daily, it is not good. Similarly, if you don’t go for months to months, it is also not good.

So, in that case, you have to schedule your hair appointment. It is also good if you visit the spa for a massage, pedicure, or manicure. At that time, you can also schedule a hair appointment to make your hairs look good. Obviously, refreshing skin and glowing hair are the secrets to your good mental health. So go to Nail Concept for regular skin and hair maintenance.

If you have short hair:

The best time to go for hair done is between one to three months. But this duration may vary based on your hair’s growth. The better time is after 6 weeks, so make sure to schedule your appointment after 6 weeks. This way, you can keep your hair looking refreshing all time.

If you have medium to long hair:

Hair trimming is necessary to remove all split ends. It is the secret to your hair growth and health. So make sure to schedule an appointment at Nail Concept after 3 months to maintain your hair’s health.

Though some people go for trimming after 6 months, it is not good because regular trimming is necessary. If you don’t know when to visit a hair salon for women, ask your stylist.

Color Sessions:

Whether you want full hair dye or just want a balayage, a color session at Nail Concept is necessary. It keeps your hair maintained, and they look perfect. The duration between hair dyes varies based on hairs and their growth.

Root touch-ups:

Hairs of every woman grow at different speeds. So experts suggest going for a root touch-up after 4-7 weeks. This duration is enough to keep your hair roots dyed. Also, this dye keeps your hair looking refreshing without showing color bands.

While when your hair roots grow more. Then you have to dye the entire hairs instead of roots to get the unique look of hairs. So it is good to visit hair salons for women for regular dye and trimming sessions to increase the lifespan of hair.

Balayage / Ombre:

These are two famous dye techniques that the Nail Conceptteam uses. These ensure that the color of roots doesn’t go anywhere. So you can take time between two appointments. While to maintain the look and shine of your hair, you can go for a dye session after 3-4 months.

The nail concept team will guide you if there is a need to do dye again according to your hair conditions!


Every woman wants to look good. It is possible only when hairs and skin look refreshing and good. Obviously, every woman deserves the best. So if you want to organize your hair to the best, don’t wait. Make the right plan and schedule your hair appointment. Then sit back and feel relaxed while your hair is done.

Experts suggest visiting a hair salon for women every 8 weeks. For long hair, this duration is enough. While for short hair, you should go for regular visits. No matter what the length of your hair is, you must go for trimming.

You can consider the Nail Concept team the leading and famous salon who are offering the best hair services. Get your hair done at reliable rates and best services this year. They offer packages and different hair services in their salon. Check out Nail concept salon and its ambiance before you make a booking!

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Benefits of Regular Nail Salon Visits for Maintaining Healthy Nails

It is common for people to consider manicures and pedicures as pampering sessions. And why should they not? It is a certainly enjoyable experience for all. However, we are unaware of how beneficial manicures and pedicures can be rather than just a luxurious experience at a nail salon in Dubai.

Instead, in this article, you will be learning the various health benefits that are attached to manicures and pedicures.

1. Prevents infections:

When you are not habitual of moisturizing your feet on a regular basis, you will witness that your feet have developed dry skin.

This dry skin is prone to infection since the cracks have more openings. Moreover, clipping and cutting your toenails in the wrong manner can also lead to infections if the direction deviates.

2. Promotes healthy blood circulation.

When getting a manicure and pedicure, you will get a massage. This massage is amazing for your arms and lower legs.

Moreover, The feet need stimulation to regulate the blood flow. Once you have good blood circulation, you will be able to reduce the muscle tension and any pain that you experience in terms of mobility.

3. Boosted nail health:

Getting manicures done on a regular basis from nail salons in dubai leads to the prevention of fungi and infection. Since they are clean and healthy, there are no dead skin cells and good cell growth on your hands and feet. Not only is this, but the exfoliation done on the treatment keeps your skin fresh in new.

4. Reduction in back pain:

The calluses developed on the bottom of your feet can hurt while walking. This leads to multiple problems, such as back pain. Yes! Back pain is also a result of such tiny problems. Therefore, getting a mani/pedi will lead to relief from such frustrations and pains.

5. It can make your hands and feet look younger:

Are you aware of how many wonders can a simple blood flow get you? Surprisingly, you can have younger-looking skin with the help of muscles being strengthened. You will witness that the cellulite is reduced, and you also get tighter skin.

6. Improved mental health:

So you have had a stressful week? A good massage is all you need! You may think that a manicure is simply good for relaxation. However, the real deal is that it provides you with great mental relief. You will feel a lot at ease when getting a mani/ pedi. The experts at Nail Concept value experience and comfort. You will be walking home with a relaxed and stress-free mind.


Nail salons in Dubai use make sure that you love your hands and feet. We all are used to keeping our hands busy. This is why hands speak a lot about us. Hence, you should be taking extra care of your hands. You will be surprised by how confident you get just by having pretty nails and good-looking hands.

Hands are the one thing that commonly comes in contact with everything. This means most exposure to germs and bacteria. A simple example could be you scratching the lottery ticket. There are multiple activities on a daily basis, such as tearing envelope, opening can of vegetables, and using your phone.

Getting regular sessions with a professional nail care salon such as Nail Concept will have you on the go for clean and smooth hands. By scheduling routine sessions, your nail technician is able to monitor the condition of your nails and address any problems early on.

Nails that are neat clipped, and well-maintained convey that you are concerned with your well-being and look. At Nail Concept, we make it simple to maintain beautiful, healthy nails. Our apprentice nail technicians offer professional manicures at a fair price, making routine nail care more accessible.


Pedicure spa services are a soothing method to maintain the health of your feet and toenails while also treating yourself.

When you don’t have time for a full manicure but would like to alter your polish’s color to match your new clothing, use polish changes.

The Nail Concept has your back for the best nail care session. Get your luxurious and healthy experience with fresh-looking nails and bright hands. The nail salon in Dubai has a history of satisfied customers, such as the renowned Huda Shaikh. You can choose from stickers, designs, inspirations, and much more to go for the nail set!

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The Benefits of Regular Beauty Spa Visits – Approach Self-Care Routine

Do you want to treat your skin to get rejuvenating experiences? Do you think that visiting a spa is just a waste of time? Well! It is not a waste of time. But it is the best process to give your skin a healthy life.

Maybe you are busy in your daily life. But visiting the spa to treat your skin and body is necessary. This blog will highlight some major beauty spa benefits. So you will know how relaxing it is for you.

A visit to a spa is not only a luxurious experience. It also gives you peace of mind and a relaxing feel. So you can focus more on your health, either physical or mental, and your self-care routine.

Amazing Benefits of Having Regular Self-Care Routine in Spa

What if you combine relaxing treatments with beauty treatments? Obviously, this combination will give you many benefits. So let’s explore these benefits or reasons why to visit Nail Concept:

1. Improves Mental Health

Visit the spa and get beauty treatments that give you a physically glowing look. It also has a major impact on your overall mental health. These treatments are the better way to improve your mental wellbeing.

The most common therapy that Nail Concept use is aromatherapy. It can minimize depression and anxiety. It also fights against stress levels and balances hormone production. So you feel confident, relaxed, and refreshed at the end of the visit to the spa.

2. Helps to Make Skin More Healthy

Regular care of your skin with treatments and facials can bring a new version. These treatments can minimize acne, fine lines, and sunburn. So it is necessary for you to start caring for your skin from a young age. This way, you will get glowing and the best skin with a self-care routine.

3. Enhances Physical Wellbeing

Some treatments, such as massotherapy, are helpful in relieving muscles, joints, and bone pain. This treatment soothes the body and relaxes your nerves. So if you want to relieve pain and make your muscles loosen. Then you must visit Nail Concept.

The experts at this spa give you proper treatment to ease your muscular pain. Plus, they give you facial treatments to remove acne and anti-aging lines.

4. Improve Sleeping Patterns

Having a good and restful night’s sleep is necessary for your mental health. This is only possible when you visit the spa regularly for a self-care routine. The fantastic sleep treatment in spas gives you a relaxing sleep. Plus, the experts give you massage, facial, and stone therapies. So it releases a hormone called serotonin to improve sleep patterns.

Experts of Nail Concept also use water therapy to improve sleep patterns. In this therapy, you have to take a bath in warm water. So it gives relaxation to your mind and body.

5. Relieve Stress

Visit the spa for treatments that can relieve your stress level. Plus, it also has better control of depression and anxiety. It is possible because treatments release endorphins to reduce stress levels. It also reduces blood pressure levels and gives you rejuvenating experiences.

6. Boost Confidence Levels

A visit to a spa not only improves your mental and physical health. It also helps to boost your confidence level. With the spa treatment, you get glowing and smooth skin. As a result, you get a fair complexion that can improve your confidence.

The Benefits of a Relaxing Spa Day

Don’t wait anymore and go for a spa treatment at Nail Concept. Also, ask your friends or family to visit this spa with you. After a long hectic week, this treatment gives you a wonderful experience. So you feel relaxed and glowing.

Whenever you visit the spa, you get many beauty spa benefits. These range from mental health to physical health to glowing skin to improved confidence level. So you must go for a spa treatment to improve your sleep.


Till now, you got the idea that visiting a spa is beneficial for your body and skin. Maybe now you want to visit the spa to give your skin a glowing look.

After a busy schedule and hectic week, you should go to the spa. This way, you can get a relaxing feel and make your mind peaceful. At this stage, you can go to Nail Concept.

This is the most famous and reliable spa with many experts and treatments. So unwind your worries and give yourself some time for a self-care routine. After a week of work, you must give yourself a relaxing day at this spa!