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Top Nail Trends For Wedding And Special Occasion

When it comes to special events and celebrations, women often wear trending nail art. From acrylic manicure to chrome minimalists, you can observe a wide variety of nail extensions at weddings. Simple and plain manicure extensions have replaced the complicated and creative nail art. Brides have to choose nail designs that match their outfits. On the other hand, Bride’s sisters and besties are more open to bold and funny designs. Talking about the guest nail art, it often requires designs that are sober and simple.

  1. Plain nail paint

Simple nail polishes always look elegant. Fashion of plain nail paint remains ever-green.  The best nail salon in Dubai chooses plain nail polish for wedding events. Bold red, moody black, and iconic blue colors have replaced the creative and dense nail designs.

  1. Short and bold manicure paint

Long acrylic nails have been losing popularity this wedding season. Fashionable women feel more comfortable with short nails. You will see the minimalist manicure with bold paints. Black and blue paints are perfect for the night events and weekend parties.

  1. Neutral or nude shades

Nude shades are for guests who do not want to attract attention towards their hands. Now-a-days, nude shades are the hot favorite among all ages of women. Nude shades are prepared by merging solid and dull colors. You can prepare your neutral shade by mixing two different colored nail paints or get the favorite tone from the nail artist.

In addition, whether you are an office going lady or a housewife, neutral tones always compliment your nails without adding much effort. It’seasier to remove the previous tone and add the new one on a daily basis.

  1. Shimmery art

Shimmery nails are also the top-rated nail polishes for wedding events and celebrations. It requires only shimmery nail polish. You can apply shimmer on the clear nails or choose any solid colorado apply. To add more beauty to your nails, you can choose nail wraps or add-ons.

  1. Classic french nail art

French manicure designs always remain among top trends. Women love to experiment with floating french paint. It is designed by drawing nail paint strips horizontally. Moreover, you can also rock and roll your celebrations with the Moody French paint. Edges of the nails are painted as a two steep angle giving an elegant and attractive look with solid colors. Another attractive nail extension is pastel French tips. These classic but eye-catching nail designs are the perfect fit for all types of events.             

  1. Half and half nail paint

You will love to have fun with vertical stripes on your nails. Women can create vertical stripes with bold colors without a nail salon’s assistance. Apply a tape on half of the nails vertically and choose a solid paint for the next half. Now you are ready to hang on.

  1. Print nails

To wear aesthetic nail art, 60’s print nails are ideal. Prints in black and white paint are added in different styles. Some women love to add black dots with white base coat while others pop up nails with block prints. Minute details on Print nails require expertise or press-ons for the perfect look.

Bottom Up

Whatever you choose, go with perfection. Not all nail designs require the nail salon assistance rather you can get perfect looking nails with a little effort at home. You can become a fashion leader by experimenting with nail wraps, add-ons,and press-ons. From glossy finish to chic designs, all can compliment your wedding wardrobe. When you attend the big day for your loved ones or besties, it is good to dip your fingers into gorgeous wedding nail designs.

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