Prices are in AED and exclusive of 5% VAT.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

C U T T I N G & S T Y L I N G
Hair LengthShortMediumLongXLong
Wash & Blast Dry60 606090
Wash & Straight Blow Dry80100120180
Straight Blow Dry w/o Wash6080100150
Wash & Wavy Blow Dry100120150200
Wavy Blow Dry w/o Wash80100130180
Hair Trim without wash40
Hair Wash & Trim80
Fringe Cut40
Hair Upstyle*200+
Cut & Styling150
Styling with Iron100125165180
Styling with Iron w/o wash80100125150
Curling & Tonging120150180200
Curling & Tonging w/o wash100120150180
Junior Hair Cut & Styling80100120120
Junior Hair Cut & Styling w/o Wash6080100100
Hair LengthShortMediumLongXLong
Root Color120
Root Color Ammonia Free150
Full Hair Color*250350400500+
Full Hair Color* Ammonia Free300400500500+
Half Hair Highlights*250350450500+
Full Hair Highlights*300450550600+
Olaplex 1 Dose with Hair Color/ Highlights80+
Hair Toning*150+150+150+150+
T R E A T M E N T S & H A I R  S P A
Hair LengthShortMediumLongXLong
L’Oréal Series Expert Powermix Treatment*175
L’Oréal Aminexil Advance Anti Hair Fall Treatment*200
FreeLimix Anti Hair Fall Treatment175
FreeLimix Anti Dandruff Treatment175
L’Oréal/Wella Hair Spa150165175185
Premium Argan Hair Spa135150175185
Premium Shea Butter smoothening hair spa150165185200
Olaplex Treatment200300400500
Aloe Vera Anti Hair Fall Treatment100100100100
Anti-Dandruff Hot Oil Treatment110110110110
Hot Oil Treatment with Wash and Blast Dry80
Hot Oil Treatment w/o Wash60
Deep Conditioning Treatment115135150175
Deep Conditioning (add-on)80
Keratin Treatment400+ 600+800+1000+
Protein Treatment400+600+800+1000+
Botox Treatment500+700+1000+1200+
GK Keratin Treatment600+700+ 900+1000+
GK Protein Treatment600+700+900+1000+
GK Botox Treatment700+850+1000+1200+


Best Styling Hair salon for women in Dubai        

At Nail Concepts, we understand the importance of perfectly styled and well-maintained hair. Knowing your problems with hair care and maintenance, we are offering you expert hair styling, cutting, coloring, care and spa treatments. Enrich with the best facilities, hair styling and care experts. We are marked as the best hair salon for women in Dubai of its kind. In combination with our other services like nail art and extension, skin care, body pampering and more, the hair spa is the perfect addition.

Give your hair the care they need!

You spend most of your time taking care of your skin while ignoring the most important part of your body, your hair. Good hair ensures a perfect personality with glamour and class. You need to provide your hair with excellent care. You should reach out to the best, from haircutting to styling and health treatments.

Being the best hair salon for women, Nail Concepts ensure the best services with dedication and perfection. We understand the composition of hair, their need and its nature. By taking care of them delicately, we bring you results you cannot find anywhere else.

Hair experts at your service

When you care for your hair, you need to reach out to the experts for care and services. At Nails Concepts, we have experts and professionals providing the ultimate benefits. They are trained to work on every type of hair perfectly and give the ultimate results. Considering the delicacy of their job, the professionals make sure to come up with relevant results for all the clients.

Our range of Hair Salon services

Our hair care treatments salon offers you a wide range of services. You cover the hair cutting with styling, coloring, hair treatments and even Spa. Nail Concepts is a one-stop solution to make your hair look trendy, healthy and presentable right after your first visit. Our services involve hair grooming that can transform your personality by keeping it light on your pocket.

Hair Cutting & Styling

The cutting and styling service involves a wide range of cutting, trimming, hair washes, blow drying, blast dry, fringe cutting, up styles, styling with or without ironing and much more. You name the style or haircut, and our professional hair dresses are into it. You can choose your class or consult our experts to select a haircut or style from the catalogue. We help you get a hairstyle that fits your personality and face cuts.

Hair Coloring

Make your life colorful by giving your hair a different color or feel. It makes you feel great with a little touch. Since hair coloring is a sensitive service, you can find exclusive hair coloring services at our hair salon for women in Dubai. We use only high-standard, skin-friendly, and curtly-free hair coloring products. Moreover, our experts invest their time in the right technique so you will have the long-lasting and right shade of color. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are concerned about it.

Hair Treatments & Spa

Hair wash and conditioner are not enough to fix your hair if there are damages, dandruff prone, or brunt due to massive ironing. At Nails Concept best hair treatment salon in Dubai, you can access a wide range of hair treatments and Spa. These treatments are designed to improve your hair’s health and growth and fight fungus, dandruff, and other damage. We ensure to make your hair smooth, shiny, healthy, and growing.

Our protocols make us the best affordable hair salon for women.

At Nails Concept, we take our role as the best hair treatment salon in Dubai with the best services very seriously. It is the reason we always strive for quality and make sure to follow some specific service protocols. These are essential to delivering quality. Our experts and teammates keep these things in mind and follow every client’s procedure.

Hair health evaluation

Before beginning with any service, our experts go through hair health and evaluate them. Even for haircutting, they target the damaged hair ends and reach a healthy length until you look for short hair. Similarly, we suggest only appropriate treatments with hair colors, styling, and spa treatments.


After the health evaluation, you will have a consultation with our hair experts for relevant services. Knowing your demands or expectations, the expert will guide you through the treatment or service options you can take. The professional explains the process in detail so you will know what will be coming forward on its way.

Patch testing

For hair coloring and treatments, we perform a mandatory patch test. It is essential to complete the test even if the product is designed for your hair or skin type. Sometimes, the product reacts differently, and it’s necessary to testify it’s not damaging. Our staff ensures to perform the test by considering the safety measures.

Dedicated service procedures

We are the only affordable hair salon for women in Dubai that considers the pre-processes before starting hair treatment. Once the processes are done, we begin with the procedures. During the treatment or service, our staff and experts remain professional and guide you about every step so you know what is happening.

Ensuring hygiene and safety

A solid protocol that we follow is related to our client’s hygiene and safety. We only share tools among clients and use them after sanitization. However, in most cases, we use disposable tools that are biodegradable for one-time use.

After service care instructions

We are educating the clients about their treatment and its aftercare, which is essential at our best affordable hair salon for women in Dubai. Aftercare helps clients enjoy the services’ longer and better benefits and avoid complications.

Get yourself an appointment today!

Do you want to enjoy ultimate hair care services from the best affordable hair salon in dubai for ladies? Nail Concepts is the place for you. Get an appointment today and pamper your hair nicely with the best services.