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How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light? Easy Ways to Consider

How to Dry Gel Nail Polish without UV Light

Gel polishes are the most famous and continuously becoming popular. The reason is that these polishes are long-lasting and give a shinier look to nails. Another major reason for the fame of gel polishes is that these are available in rainbow colors.

Always get help from the experts of Nail Concept. They will apply a thin layer of gel polishes professionally without the use of UV light!


How to dry gel nail polish without UV light? Commonly, the experts cure and dry the gel nail polishes under UV light. UV light is necessary for the reaction of compounds in the gel that may absorb light. This type of manicure is very common in today’s world.

Many types of gel polishes are famous for homes, such as non-UV polishes. These polishes are applied using the latest technology in which UV light is not necessary. But this polish is durable and shinier. Always find the right nail gel polish with a label that specifies that the polish doesn’t require UV.


When you choose your gel nail polish, now you have to apply it to your nails. For this, prepare your nails. Make sure to have the following supplies:

  • Cotton pads
  • Towel
  • Non-alcoholic nail polish remover

How to dry gel nail polish without UV light? Place the towel in the area where you have to apply nail polish to your nails. This way, you may get assurance that nail polish will not dirty the area.

After that, soak the cotton pads in the non-alcoholic remover and rub the pads on the nails. Make sure to rub pads on fingernails to eliminate dirt and oil.


After using remover the elimination of dirt and oil, it is time to apply the non-UV gel polish. For this, shake the nail polish bottles to mix all the ingredients. Apply at least two layers of polish on the nails. Make sure to keep a difference of almost 10 minutes between the two layers.

After the application of the second layer, allow the layers to dry completely for at least 10 minutes. After drying, use the non-UV coating. You may also visit Nail Concept for the application of non-UV gel polish.


How to dry gel nail polish without UV light? Fast dry nail polish spray helps the gel polish to dry fastly. All the ingredients in the spray evaporate the polish fastly and dry it.

For the application of spray polish, keep your hands on the towel. After that, spray the can polish from at least 6 inches away from the nails. Repeat these steps on the nails of another hand. In the end, dry out all the nails. Once your hands are dried, wash their hands to remove residues.


How to dry gel nail polish without UV light? The best and most helpful way to dry out nail polish quickly at home is to take an ice bath. Once you have applied gel coating on your nails, allow them to dry. After that, keep your hands in the ice bath.

Take a bowl and fill it with water and ice cubes. Then place your nails completely in ice water for at least 5 minutes.

After chilling of nails, allow them to dry out for at least half an hour. After 30 minutes, your nails will be hardened.

Make sure to care for your nails. Maybe you notice that your nails are dry after removing your hands from the ice bath. But actually, these still need half an hour to dry completely.


The experts of different salons, such as Nail Concept, apply gel coating, gel polishing, and top gel coating. After that, they keep the gel coating under the UV light or LED light.

While non-UV light gels are the better option to use in homes, you also need to wait for some time to completely dry such polis. If you want to apply the polish without drying time, make sure to ask the professionals for a manicure.


Gel nail polishes are the best option to get a shinier and more beautiful look for your nails. Suppose you want to apply gel polishes at home. Make sure to use non-UV light polishes because these are easy to apply and dry.

To give a better experience to your clients at home, contact the professionals of Nail Concept.The professionals will apply the salon products at home!

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