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How Can Nail Salons Fix Broken Natural Nails? Expert Nail Repairing

Fix Broken Natural Nails

Nails are the most beautiful and sensitive part of your skin. Long nails increase the beauty of your hands. While in some cases, your natural nails break down. So you have to fix these broken nails.

Here Nail Concept is the right salon to fix your broken nails. The experts apply cotton to your broken nails. After that, they stick this cotton with glue on your nails. Then, they let your nails dry for some time. They also use glue-drying spray to quicken the process.

Once your nails are dried, you can apply the nail color to your nails. You should also keep your nails smooth and healthy. However, it will take some time to grow back your natural nails. However some efforts may speed up the growth of nails. The blog will answer queries about can nail salons fix broken natural nails. Further, we will explore the hacks to fix your broken nails. So you should try these hacks at your home. The reason is that these are easy and fast.

Can you fix a detached nail?

The answer to this question is no. It is not possible for you to fix your broken nails. When your nails separate from nail beds, you have to wait for some time to grow back your nails.

In case of complete separation of nails from the nail bed. The glue will not help you, so wait patiently. At this stage, maybe you think nail salon can fix cracked nails. Yes, the experts at salons can quickly fix this issue.

Why does the nail detach from the nail bed?

There are many reasons for detaching nails from the nail bed. The main physical reason is when you bounce your nails.

While in some cases, your nails break down partly. So you may use glue to adhere cut nails with the nail bed.

Suppose a single part of the nails is still adhered to the nail bed. Then it would be best if you did not cut it because it will quicken the growth process.Though detached nails are not harmful to your health, experts in Nail Concept recommend keeping them clean. This way, you may avoid the growth of any infection.

How do you treat split nails?

Can nail salons fix cracked nails? Yes, salons have many methods to prevent nails from splitting. The experts in salons use different products.

While if you want to treat this issue at home. It is recommended to use alpha hydroxy acid to soothe your nails.

When you want to adhere your cut nail part with a complete nail, then it is recommended to use glue and silk wrap.

In some cases, your split nails are not easy to fix. So you can visit the Nail Concept. This salon helps you to fix your split nails. The experts use different medical treatments for this.

Can a nail salon fix a broken natural nail?

Now the main question is, can nail salons fix broken natural nails? Yes, nail salons are the right option to fix your broken nails. The experts apply cotton and use glue to stick this cotton. Then, they let your nails dry for some time. They also use glue-drying spray to quicken the process.

While it is not recommended to use glue to fix nails, in comparison, you should use silk wrap and a tea bag. Plus, nail color may also be a better replacement for glue.

At home, you may easily fix the split nails. But it is not easy for you to fix detached nails at home. So wrap your nails in any cloth and trim them. This way, you may prevent your nails from catching anything.

When you rip your detached nail, it causes more pain. Moreover, this nail takes almost 18 months to grow back.

Most of the time, you have issues with cracked nails often. It is because of many other causes. So it is always recommended to trim nails regularly.

How to Prevent Nail Breakage Further?

There are many ways to prevent nails from breaking. These include the use of coconut oil and cocoa butter. Both these keep your nails moisturized. But not use both of these substances more. Otherwise, these will soften your nails and cause breakage.

Moreover, it is not recommended to use strong nail paints. Some paints have alcohol which can damage the outer shape of nails. So never use this paint and prevent your nails from breaking.Besides, you should regularly eat healthy food. Eat vegetables because these contain vitamins that are healthy for nails.


We have clearly discussed, “Can nail salons fix broken natural nails?” The answer is yes; nail salons have many tricks to do it. You don’t need to cut your nails short to prevent cracking. At the same time, you should keep your nails healthy and smooth. It is the best way to keep your nails strong.

Moreover, some repairing tips may grow your nails. These may also prevent the breakage of nails using tea bags. After knowing the right steps, you may prevent future breaking of nails. If your nails will break, you may apply these tips to heal them. For more help, you should contact the experts of Nail Concept!