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Psychology Of Nail Colors: What Your Nail Polish Says About You

Have you ever taken a nail color personality test? What comes to your mind first when you see red, blue,or black colored nails? Your nail polish color can reveal a lot about your personality.  From nude colors to bold ones, all types of nails leave a unique impression about you. Let us dive deep into the science of nail colors and know how your hands and toe nails talk about you:

Black Nails

Do you love black nail extensions? If yes, it reveals that you love to lead your social circles. Bold and powerful nature of black color speaks in favor of you. You are most often ready to accept challenges fearlessly. Black nail art also reflects the dark aspects of personality. With bold and daring nature, black color also symbolizes negative energies and aggression.

Red Nails

Color psychologists consider that red color is the symbol of extreme emotions, passion, high confidence, fire, and superb self-esteem. With red nails, the wearer wants to appeal to the attention of others. Daring and bold red color reveals that you are an extrovert and want to remain in the spotlight. It also shows that you are more open to new experiments and trends in the fashion world.

Orange Nails

Bubbly and friendly-nature of the orange nail extension reflects social and outgoing personality. With orange nails, You leave an impression of warmth, generosity,and extroversion. Women who love to wear this bright tone at the nail salon are superbly creative and fun loving.

Pink nails

Painting your nails pink reveals that you are a highly social and empathetic personality. Pink color is often associated with feminism. Social butterflies with pink nail art are highly ambitious and determined. If you wear pink colored nail art, you possess a highly caring and friendly nature.

Green nails

With a positive mood, green nails express earthiness, and powerful nature. Green colored nails hide the darker traits of your personality making you fearless and more adventurous.

Blue Nails

Women with blue nails are considered more experimental and love to follow new fashion trends. The bold colored nail paint reflects creativity, youthfulness, and spontaneity.

Bright Colored Nails vs. Nude Ones

Nail extensions of bright colors like yellow, blue,or orange reflect the extrovert aspect of your personality. You are highly social, enthusiastic, and fearless. With a positive state of mind, the bright nail color wearer is considered a social battery that remains always charged. It also symbolizes the youthfulness and daring nature of the nail color wearer.

However, Nail salons also keep a wide range of neutral or nude colors. If you are often attracted to nude colored nails, it reflects an introverted aspect of life. With a social and caring nature, nude colors speak “It’s me-time”. Neutral trending colors say that you remain neutral in the majority of life instances. From personal well-being to the protection of others, neutral colors reflect a strong sense of protection.

Bottom Line

Nail Paint reflects unique selfcare. Trending nail art twists your lifestyle. It shows that you are wealthy and fashion loving. Instead of plain nail colors, glittery and merged colors are more trending. Women love to create unique and iconic nail art that reveals empowerment and bold nature.

Before applying any color to the nails, there is great need to clean and moisturize the organ. Healthy nails are more important than new trends and fashions. Focus on manicure and pedicure treatments  to keep the  hand and toe nails clear and eye-catching. When you do not have time to play with colors, keep your nails plain. You look awesome with clear nails and reveal natural traits.

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