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Why Do Nail Salons Use UV Lights to Dry Nails Quickly?

Why Do Nail Salons Use UV Lights to Dry Nails Quickly

If you love to have manicured nails, you may often heard of LED or UV nail lamps. These are better tools in caring of and can improve the quality of home manicures. Around 99% of nail salons use advance UV machines to dry nails quickly and give more clear finishing look.

The Nail Concept team highlights the differences between UV and LED lamps. Here, we will also discuss the benefits of both of these lamps. In both tools, light is used to dry nail polish. However, these lamps are different in terms of the light they emit. UV lamps use ultraviolet light, while LED lamps use light-emitting diodes.

Lets move ahead to read out why nail salons use UV lights devices and machines for every treatment. Also if you wanted to know more about the 5 unique nail shapes which you can try for your next manicure then follow our previous blog guide.

Useful Advantages of Using UV Lights in Nail Salons

1.     Faster Drying Time:

The major benefit of using both lamps is that these can improve drying time. It means you can switch over to activities without damaging nail polish.

May be you prefer air drying of your nail polish. It means you have to wait for half an hour or an hour. In this case, you become frustrated and consume more time. However by using UV and LED lamps, you can easily dry your nails. So you can save your time and efforts as well.

By using UV lamp, you have to wait for 2-3 minutes. However when you use LED lamp then you have to wait for 30-60 seconds. It is because of the light reaction with chemicals of the polish. So nail polish become dry faster.

2.     Long-Lasting Polish:

Another benefit of both lamps is that these keep nail polish for a long time. When you dry polish under these lamps, they create a strong bond with nails. So these becomes less likely to ruin.

Under the light, molecules of polish link and create a durable bond. This can make the polish long lasting and refreshing. Moreover both lamps prevent premature chipping of polish. So these assure that nail polish will remain long. However air drying of nails may damage the polish.

3.     No Need For Air-Drying:

If you don’t have UV or LED nails, then you have to air dry polish. No doubt, this method takes much time to dry the nail polish. As well as it is the most frustrating process if you are in a hurry. But with the use of a nail lamp, you may fasten the drying process.

Moreover UV and LED lamps bring a professional look to nails. But with air drying of nail polish, it becomes difficult to bring a smooth finishing. In contrast, lamps can create the smooth and glossy finishing.

4.     Healthier Nails:

As UV and LED lamps emit light but LED is more safes for nails and skins. It is because of less emittion of rays which may damage skin and cause skin cancer. Moreover LED lamps uses less energy and has long lifespan. Due to this, LED lights are eco friendly for all nails.

On the other hand, UV lamps emit both UVA and UVB lights. So both of these are highly damaging for skin and cause cancer. As well as these can cause skin damage and premature aging. Commonly UV lamps emit moderate and safest UV rays. However, frequent exposure of your skin and nails to these rays may cause health issues.

UV lamps are more likely to cause skin damage. These rays may come from the sun and tanning beds. So if you prefer the use of UV rays frequently for nail care, then ensure to follow precautionery measures for skin protection. Also ensure to wear sunscreen and UV gloves. So these can decrease the risk of skin and nail damage.


In conclusion, both lamps are useful and offer many benefits. With these lamps, you can improve drying time and keep manicure for a long time. As well as these lamps can bring a professional finishing and look. As UV lamp is more famous for the emitting of UV rays. But when these rays are used in moderate quantity then these are safe.

However for skin and nails, LED light is the right option. This lamp consume less energy and is most eco-friendly option. No matter what lamp you choose, it is based on your preferences. However both options assure to bring long lasting and beautiful nails. For very nail treatment you can check out Nail Concept site to book your session in advance!