Prices are in AED and exclusive of 5% VAT.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Classic Manicure No Polish55
Regular / French60 / 75
Gel / Gel French115 / 130
Junior Manicure40
Classic Pedicure No Polish60
Regular / French70 / 85
Gel / Gel French120 / 135
Junior Pedicure50
S P A & T R E A T M E N T
Paraffin Hand – Add On
Paraffin Feet – Add On
Gold Spa Manicure regular Polish80
Gold Spa Pedicure regular polish100
Gold Spa Manicure with gel140
Gold Spa Pedicure with Gel 160
Premium Spa Manicure regular Polish120
Premium Spa Pedicure Regular Polish130
Premium Spa Manicure with gel 160
Premium Spa Pedicure with Gel170
Full Set Acrylic Gel
with Classic Polish
with Gel Polish

Full Set Polygel Acrygel
with Classic Polish
with Gel Polish

Over-Lay Acrylic Gel
with Classic Polish
with Gel Polish

Full Set Acrylic Ombre (No Polish)
Refill Ombre200
Color Ombre Add-On85
Removal Extension with Manicure (No Polish)100
Nail Art* – Per Nail10 to 40+
N A I L C A R E A D D – O N S
Nail Strength Body Guard50
Nail Strengthening Treatment60
Gel Polish
French Gel Polish application

Nail Shaping
Cut File & Polish Change
Gel Polish Removal40
Callus Treatment25
Foot Scrub45
Ingrown Toe Nail Removal20
Nail Repair (Per Nail)30


Trendy Nail Salon in Dubai 

Nail Concepts is the best nail salon in Dubai that provides all types of nail services, from nail extensions to add-ons, nail extension removal, and nail repair services. Our beauty experts also serve salon customers with spa services, manicures, and pedicures with guaranteed privacy.  Nail Art has upgraded the beauty of hands and feet. So, fashion divas keep their hands and feet relaxed and fresh with trending nail art. Though we started with nail art techniques, our salon offers head-to-toe skin care treatments, massages, spas, hair-cut, and makeovers. 

Nail Concepts – Best Nail Care Services in Dubai

Whether you are to wear a wedding ring or an engagement ring, we promise to enhance the beauty of your nails. We care for the hygiene and quality of nail products. High food-grade quality makes the nails more usable, even with extensions and add-ons. Further, permanent color gradients and appealing designs of nail art are waterproof. Ladies can do all home chores and water-based work without any hesitation after availing of these services in a best nail salon in Dubai. 

Nail Concepts is the place where customers come to receive painless and relaxing nail services. Our affordable rates of the best nail extensions in Dubai keep visitors on our doorstep for removal and repair services. Moreover, customers can get satisfied services of nail art, nail extensions, and nail add-ons.   

Best Nail Extensions in Dubai

Are you in search of fully customized nail art? Nail concepts salon is the right place for nail care services. Here are the acrylic nail extension that we offer to beautify your hands and feet. 

Full Set Acrylic Gel

The full set of Acrylic gel includes the addition of the artificial nail and gel technique. Though acrylic nails are tougher to manage gel keeps the artificial nails softer and long-lasting. Our majority of customers love to lengthen their nails and prefer the full-set acrylic gel extension.  

Full set Polygel Acrygel

If you want artificial nails with flexibility and ease of work, choose our full set of poly gel acrylic nail extensions. It is our customized nail enhancement that is popular as a hybrid formula. The combination of poly gel with acrylic nails makes the nails more flexible and easy to manage. 

Over-lay Acrylic gel

Our Overlay acrylic gel extension is a type of manicure that uses liquid and powder products to thicken the natural nail. Later on, an overlay nail extension is made appealing using different designs and colors of the nail polish. Embellish your nails with the best nail care services in Dubai.  

Full set Acrylic Ombre

Our best nail salon in Dubai appeals to beauty customers with a Full set acrylic ombre. This customized nail art gives more gradient and appealing texture to the nails. Pour the acrylic powder on the tips of the natural or artificial nails and then the nails are shaped with buffing, filing, and cutting. The final touch of nails is enhanced with the gel coating. Ladies who like to experiment with their nails chose the full-set acrylic Ombre. 


Our beauty expert team also provides refill services. Experts maintain the extended part of the natural nail and polish and maintain the nail extension. 

Refill Ombre

Our beauty salon also offers refill ombre. The color gradient is recreated with the acrylic powder and tips are filed, shaped, and buffed with a gel coat. 

Color Ombre Add-on 

We, at Nail concepts, provide the best nail care services in Dubai.  Add more colors and shades to the ombre and experiment with newer designs and shades of nail art.

Nail Care Add-ons

Nail concepts serve nail art lovers with top-line products and professional treatments. We care for the hygiene and health of nails with our exclusive nail care add-on. 

Nail Strengthening Treatment

Our beauticians use essential proteins and oils to nourish the nails that leave the nails to look healthier and stronger. We prevent toxic products to strengthen the nails. 

Gel Polish

Gel polish gives more shine and makes the hands and feet appealing. No matter what extension you are using, our gel polish will enhance the beauty of the nails. So, come and enjoy our in-house services.  

Nail Shaping

Our experts file and shape the nails in different designs. For the desired shape, see our lookbook and choose the best one for your hands and feet personality. 

Removal/ Repair treatments

Nail concepts are the place where customers can get relaxing and painless nail treatments. With nail extensions and nail polishing, we also provide painful nail remover services and nail repair treatments. 

Ingrown toenail removal

Ingrown toenails are often irritating and painful. Our salon experts can provide you relief from this soring toenail. 

Nail repair

Nail extensions often need repair over time. As the natural nail grows, acrylic nails may be more visible and disturbed. Our Nail salon is an expert in nail repair services. 

Gel polish removal

We not only polish the nails but also provide removal treatments. Our gel polish removal products are safer for nail health and it leaves the nails more shiny and fresh. 

Nail Concepts serve as the best nail salon in Dubai due to its unique nail experiments and modern nail art techniques. We create an appealing and glamorous nail look with UV lights, acrylic gel, and poly gel. Furthermore, our salon also offers customized nail designs and shapes for individuals. Personalization of nail art is our specialty and keeps us distinctive in the market of nail art salons. Come and rejoice with the trending nail concepts. 

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