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What are the Possible Side Effects of Dip Powder Nails?

Gel manicures and nail polishes are always the most famous in Dubai. But in a few past years, dip powder nails got huge popularity. These are the best alternative to nail polishes. In this treatment, you have to dip nails in the colorful powder. After that, experts seal this caring with a durable top coat.

Though it is the best beauty treatment, it still has many side effects that you must be aware of. This guide will highlight some possible side effects of dip powder nails.

Explore List of Side Effects of Dip Powder Nails

Though many side effects of dip powder nails are, so you may not justify all of these. The side effects may be an allergic reaction, nail damage, infection, irritation, and respiratory problems.

In powder, many harmful and allergic chemicals are present. These include methacrylate and acrylate, which cause dermatitis. In comparison, your nails may get damaged when you don’t peel off the powder. You may ask Nail Concept to carefully apply powder to nails.

Another bad thing about powder is that it seals the nail bed. So, bacteria and moisture may easily enter and get trapped in this coating. As a result, it causes fungal infection. The powder may cause skin irritation when it comes in contact with the skin around the nails. The powder causes inhalation of dust particles which cause respiratory issues.

Dip Powder Nails Have The Same Base As Acrylics

Many beauty conscious think that this powder is not harmful and is a better alternative to acrylics. But actually, it is an acrylic powder. The reason is that both products are made of acrylic ester.

The only difference is that it doesn’t stick to nails firmly as acrylic. But both these treatments cause similar harm to nails and skin. Basically, both treatments are heavy for nail beds and cause discomfort. Both treatments require much rubbing to peel off. You may ask Nail Concept to carefully apply and remove powder to nails.

1.      Allergic Reactions:

The major possible risk of powder is that it causes many allergic reactions. In the powder, many allergic chemicals are present. These may be as methacrylate and acrylate, which cause serious allergies to customers. The signs of allergy include soreness, burning, inflammation, and sweltering of the skin.

2.      Nail Damage:

Nail damage is the second major side effect of dip powder nails. Commonly people don’t completely rub off the powder from nails. In some cases, customers rub aggressively. In both conditions, your nails are damaged.

With time, the rubbing of powder from nails weakens their nails. As a result, your nails may break after some time. You may ask Nail Concept to apply powder to nails to avoid nail breaking carefully.

3.      Fungal Infections:

Powder nails may also be the major cause of fungal infection. Powder seals the nail bed completely, which causes the entry of moisture and bacteria.

As a result, both these get trapped in the nail bed and cause fungal growth. So, it is necessary to properly clean and dry the nails before the application of powder.

4.      Skin Irritation:

Commonly people have face skin irritation after applying powder. It happens when the powder comes in contact with skin near the nail bed. The sign of skin irritation includes soreness, shedding, and burning. You may ask Nail Concept to carefully apply powder to nails to avoid skin irritation.

5.      Respiratory Issues:

Not only an issue to your skin and nails, but the powder may also cause an issue to your respiration system. Many chemicals and dust particles are present in the powder. So when a customer applies it to nails, it causes the inhalation of dust particles. As a result, it becomes the major cause of respiratory issues such as chronic bronchitis and asthma.

So, it is necessary for each customer to must apply the powder in a well-ventilated room. Moreover, make sure to wear a face mask to avoid inhalation of dust particles.


You can’t justify the side effects of dip powder nails as these are many and serious. Commonly customers have to dip fingernails in the colorful powder. In some cases, the technician applies the powder on nails. This is not a hygienic treatment because you have to dip your fingers repeatedly in the powder.

Unfortunately, the experts of nail salon don’t focus on powder sterilization between customers. As a result, it causes the spread of microorganisms from one customer to another!