Prices are in AED and exclusive of 5% VAT.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Sugar with Olive Oil Scrub & Dead Sea Mud Wrap200
Coffee Scrub with Coffee & Honey Wrap250
Coffee Scrub with Chocolate Wrap275
Gold Scrub with Gold Wrap295
Just Relax (Neck & Shoulder Massage) (30 mins)75
Healing Powers (Foot Massage) (30 mins)75
Coffee Scrub with Chocolate WrapFull Body Relaxing Massage (60 mins)200
Ayurvedic Massage (60 mins)250
Hot Stone Massage (60 mins)300
Aromatherapy (60 mins)350

World-class Body Care services in Dubai

Nail Concepts offers the ultimate skincare and nail extension services for women in Dubai. However, we have a step forward towards full-body pampering with our top quality Body care services in Dubai. Knowing how important it is to care for your body, we offer you the best body scrubs, wraps, massages, and more.

Let your body skin revive

Let your body’s skin breathe fresh and eliminate all the dead cells, dirt, and toxins. The skin we keep covered under clothes needs to live out and refresh. The dead skin cells grow; if you ignore basic exfoliation, you will have body acne, marks, spots, and more.

At Nail Concepts, we are offering you the ultimate body care services that let you give your body a prestigious treatment. You can stand out with self-care and let your skin revive. Our treatments are perfect for all skin types and the professionals take care of everything at our spa studio.

Wide range of Body Care services

Are you searching for the best range of body care services in Dubai? Nail concepts are the answer. We offer you a complete range of services, including full-body scrubs, wraps, and massages. These treatments are designed to give you a perfect full-body pampering, exfoliation, revitalization, and more. We have created these services carefully so you can enjoy every bit. These are perfect for every body type, skin type, and treatment. We have experts who first test your skin and then recommend you the ideal scrub, massage, or treatment to select.

Body scrubs with body wraps

Nail Concepts offers you the ultimate body care services in Dubai with amazing body scrubs and wraps. Our experts at the spa section provide top body scrubs that are easy on the skin, relaxing, exfoliating, and refreshing. They apply full body wraps by removing the dead skin cells and giving all nourishment to it using natural essence and organic products. We have amazing combinations of wraps and scrubs that fit perfectly to everybody’s skin type. Pamper yourself with the best of our range:

  • Sugar with Olive Oil Scrub & Dead Sea Mud Wrap
  • Coffee Scrub with Coffee & Honey Wrap
  • Coffee Scrub with Chocolate Wrap
  • Gold Scrub with Gold Wrap

Body massages

Our ultimate body care services in Dubai offer you a wide range of body massages by experts. These massages are designed to refresh, relax and soothe your body. Releasing stress, reviving skin, and giving it a smooth finish are all these massages do. Other than improving skin health, these are ideas for your physical and mental health simultaneously. Giving your nerves a break, you can dive into the feeling of relaxation and admire your life from a different perspective.

Just relax

The massage involves a 30-minute session for neck and shoulder massage. Our expert will help you relax your knotted points by giving you light strokes and presses. The gentle and continuous moments release stress and tension in your muscles, improve blood circulation, and let you ease out at the moment. We recommend having a massage every week to remove your work stress. It helps you improve your body posture and avoid muscle aches.

Healing powers

We have designed this massage in our body care services to relax your whole body from one trigger point: your feet. The experts know the best points in feet that are amazing for body healing and stress relief. In a 30 minutes’ foot massage session, you can sit back and relax while your feet will exfoliate all the negativity from your mind and body. The smooth movements and gentle but firm strokes will help ease all the pain, stiffness, and stress.

Coffee scrub with chocolate wrap massage

The 60-minute massage session involves the perfection and goodness of coffee. It is one ingredient that is good for our body from the inside out. Besides giving your skin nutrients, it exfoliates dead skin, adds moisture, and helps release stress. The scrubbing leads to body wrap and a massage that shows your full body amazing energy and freshness.

Ayurvedic massage

At Nails concepts, we have an Ayurvedic specialist to give you the ultimate body care services. These massage experts know how to provide the best herb and essential oil-based massages. The full body massage session is 60 minutes long that includes cleansing, revitalization, and relaxation.

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is one of our specialties that is a 60-minute-long session that involves the best hot stones placed at your body trigger points. It gives you adequate heat to relax muscles and nerves and improves blood circulation. The massage expert uses hot rocks to regulate your muscles through calculated strokes, giving you a rich feel of relaxation and helping you let out all the negative energy.


Our 60 minutes long aromatherapy session is not just about the essential aroma and soothing your nerves but giving your body the rest it requires. We suggest you take the therapy whenever you are stressed and need to relax. It helps you think positively, boost your immunity, improve blood circulation, soothe nerves, and release negative energy.

Hygienic, safe, and expert oriented!

Nail Concepts always consider the best for its clients to ensure your health, safety, and hygiene. We provide our body care services in Dubai in a carefully monitored and hygienic environment. The Spa rooms are designed to give you a soothing and relaxing feel. Our professionals are trained with all therapies, massages, and body pampering services. They make sure to be soft and gentle with you during the process. You can expect a professional and relaxing environment that lifts your mood and bring your health and goodness.

Get yourself an appointment today!

If you love your body and want to pamper it the way it should, it’s time to get an appointment. Nail concepts are ready to serve you with Dubai’s ultimate body care services. Treat yourself best and get an appointment with our experts today.