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What Manicure Type Doesn’t Damage Your Nail?

What Manicure Type Doesn’t Damage Your Nail

Girls love to do their nails and select from a long list. But this may often become challenging because girls don’t know what is the healthy way. For this, you can go through the blog guide to learn the popular types of manicures that can protect your nails. The best thing is to go for nail treatment provided by the Nail Concept team to get healthy nails. Follow the right application and removal instructions. So it will not damage the nails during the application and removal of the product.

Let’s have a look on some healthy nail treatments provided by best nail salon Dubai. As well go through the benefits of each treatment guide by Nail Concept experts.

What is the Healthiest Way to Get Your Nails Done?

Those people who focus on the treatment processes they wanted to know why do nail salons use UV lights? In our previous blog guide Nail Concept team guide you the reasons why they use UV lights. Let’s move ahead to explore the best manicure treatment that doesn’t damage your nails.

1-     Dip Powder Manicure

The dip powder manicure is much stronger and makes the nails healthy. No matter if your natural nails are weak and brittle. But this manicure will increase their health and make them strong. With this manicure, you can increase the length of your nails. You can also use your nails for the purposes that normally break them.

Factors About Dip Powder Manicure

The dip powder manicure is as strong as acrylic. This manicure can easily soak off, which is a healthy benefit. You need to file and drill the top layer of dip powder. After that, you have to wrap the nails in acetone. So, dip powder can easily be removed from the nails. After removal, the nail becomes strong and healthy. It is because of the strength and protection of dip powder.

What Things to Avoid Issues in Dip Powder Manicure?

After proper application, dip powder can’t peel. So, it is better to start peeling off after some time to grow your nails. However it may leave the natural nail. Then this surface can easily catch hair and clothing. Commonly this surface peel of the top protective layer with dip powder. As a result it soften and weaker the nail.

2-     Acrylics Nails:

These are controversial manicures and come in different variations, as the acrylic manicure has more strength. So, it can give you the shape and length that natural nails can’t give you. If you have weak and soft nails, then acrylic nails are the right option. These can add length to nails without bending and breaking.

What Things to Avoid Issues in Acrylic Nail Treatment?

If your nails are damaging, apply acrylic to them. Surely your nails will grow and become long. But unfortunately it will bond well and cause damage to nails during removal. Though it is difficult to soak off acrylics. So you have to visit the salon to remove it using drill. Otherwise it will leave the nails weaker.

3-     Gel Polish:

Another better option for manicure is gel polish. This not only protect the nails but it can also give them more strength. You only need to apply it properly to get healthy nails. It is the time when many women have troubles.

Facts About Gel Polish

Some women, when getting gel polish, they get soft and weak nails afterward. It is because of uncured gel polish on the nail bed. The gel polish, after application, is cured under light. So when the light is weak, or the hand is not under proper light. Moreover, when the polish is applied in a thick coating, it will cure the top but not the bottom.

What Things to Avoid Issues in Gel Polish Manicure?

Ensure to properly and carefully pick off the manicure as the dip powder. Gel polish has less durability so it is better to lift. After that women prefer to pick at it. Due to this picking and peeling, your nails get damaged at the top. During peeling of polish, never pick at it. However use acetone for soaking it off.


Before you next visit the nail salon, ensure to learn about different manicures. Also check the cost of each treatment and period of their lifespan. This can help you choose the right manicure for any color, shape and length. You can even contact the experts of Nail Concept about your required treatment and purpose to make sure you get best outcomes.

The nail experts at Nail Concept Salon guide you through all the required manicure treatments for your nail growth and health. So, choose the right treatment for your nails and avoid nail breakage!