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Prices are in AED and exclusive of 5% VAT.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Full Face80
Upper Lip10
Full Set Classic Extension200
Full Set Hybrid Extension275
Full Set Mega Volume Extension350
Refill Eyelash150+
EyeLashes Removal100
FacialClean Ups
Dr. Renaud375
Casmara Advance375
Organic Skin Essence Facial375
D-Tan Facial200
Facial Massage 30/45 min80 / 120
Brightening Facial with Vitamin-C350
Express Cleanup120
Eye Treatment
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Best Skin Care Services in Dubai

Nail concepts are the place where customers come to get the best face care services. Our beauty experts empower the beauty and keep the aging signs and wrinkles a step away.  


Unwanted and excess hair over the face can hide the natural beauty of the face. We provide top-class skin care services in Dubai. Threading is necessary for the face, especially when waxing is not possible or suitable for the skin. Threading helps to remove the extra hair from the eyebrows, upper lips, chin, and jawline. Our experts offer threading services to customers without redness ad pain. Further, customers can improve their face shape by getting rid of excess hair.

Our threading services include:

  • Full face
  • Eyebrow
  • Upper lips
  • Chin
  • Forehead
  • Jawline
  • Side locks

Eyelashes Extensions

Our salon offers the best eyelash extension that is long-lasting and enhances the beauty of the eye.

If a customer needs natural-looking eyelash extensions, we recommend Full Set Classic eyelash extensions. It gives a bit of volume to the eyelash and is nearly one inch longer than a natural eyelash.

Those who want to change their look dramatically can get a Full set Mega Volume extension. It adds more volume and length to theeyelash. Customers can choose between 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D eyelashes that are different in structure, pricing, and functionality. 

A full-set Hybrid extension is a mixture of the volume and classic extensions. It not only changes the outlook of the eye but helps to give more volume and length to the eyelash.

Refill Eyelash

We are the best skin care services in Dubai where customers can get repair services also. After two or three weeks, eyelash extensions may get weakened or get unstable. Our salon experts can refill eyelash and makes them stronger and more maintain on the eye just like the natural eyelash.

Eyelashes Removal

Our salon also offers repair and removal services. If you want to change the eyelash extension or remove it. Just come to us. We complete the removal process using safer and high-quality oils and products.


We use dermatologically approved products and methodology. Our facials are safer for the skin and reduce pigmentation, aging signs, pimples, infections, and other skin problems. Our salon uses top-quality products that relax the facial muscles and improves the skin tone. 

Dr. Renaud

Dr. Renaud’s facial treatment follows scientific principles to improve skin care and tone. Canada Health department approved Dr. Renaud as the best hydrating and anti-aging skin product. Our salon offers herbal, whitening, and organic facials of the brand. Dr. Renaud’s facial is the best solution for dehydrated and tired skin. 


If you want the best skin care services in Dubai, Casmara is the top pick. Our beauty experts rejuvenate the skin with alcohol-free and environment–friendly Casmara skincare products. We use Casmara facials to produce a dehydration effect and improve the regeneration of the skin cells.

Casmara Advance

Casmara advance includes antioxidant products that enhance regeneration and facial contouring. Casmara’s advanced facial kit is the best solution for dark spots, wrinkles, aging signs, and disturbed skin tone.

Organic Skin Essence facial

Organic facials are trending these days. Our beauty salon polishes the disturbed skin with the Organic Skin Essence. Skin Essence is the top brand that promises to clean up and nourish the skin in a more advanced manner. Our beauty experts deal with your skin gently and leave it healthier, younger, and more healing.

D-Tan Facial

Our salon heals the tanning, acne, and skin burn issues with the D Tan products. Whether you have oily skin or are dried, the D-Tan facial is a  quick remedy to avoid aging and acne with all skin types. Our experts deal with all skin types creating more radiant and fair skin using the D-tan brand.

Facial Massage

With the best skin care services in Dubai, our massage experts can make your skin more younger and glowing. Our facial massage is extremely helpful for scar tissue, blood flow in the skin, acne, wrinkles, and skin radiance.  

Brightening facial with Vitamin C

Facials with Vitamin C can remove dryness, and irritation and repair damaged skin. Our salon employees are professional to prevent skin problems and deal with numerous skin issues. 


Working ladies often face dust, sunlight, and traffic smoke that may cause excess oil, sweat, and dehydration of the skin. Well, we provide more relaxing and the best Skin care services in Dubai, leaving the customers to look younger, fresher, and more beautiful.


Diamond cleanups keep the disturbed skin hydrated and detoxified. Further, we treat the skin with the best moisturizing products that prevent aging, moisturize the skin, control the skin oil, avoid dryness, and improve the absorption capability of the facial muscles.


Gold facial cleanups improve the collagen level and enhance skin brightness. Gold facial increases the blood flow in the facial tissues and improves the moisture level. Thus, Gold cleanup is beneficial in making the skin more glowing, healthier, and brighter.

Express Cleanup

Express cleanup is the best-suited process for skin burns and dark spots. Nail concepts are the best skin care services in Dubai that effectively exfoliates dust and debris and works to lessen and remove dark spots.  Our express cleanup is offered to the skins that are tanned and affected by the harmful sun radiation. Well, our experts soothe and relax the skin with anti-bacterial and anti-septic products.

Eye treatment (Add-on)

We also treat the under-eye dark spots and pigmentation. If you are worried about the dark circles around the eye, come to our doorstep. Our salon professionals not only use the best remedy for eye issues rather customers are guided with the best tips to avoid dark circles and other issues in the future. With vitamin C and other anti-oxidant products, we turn the dark circles into lighter one and removes the pigmentation. Eye massage rollers work magically to enhance the natural beauty of the eye. 

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