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How to Dehydrate Nails? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Dehydrate Nails

Professionals of nail salons prepare nails properly for long-lasting results. However, to properly stick nails, a dehydrator is crucial. It can also remove extra moisture and oil.

Suppose you are ready to know the process of dehydrating the nails. Then, it is better to read this blog because here, we will go through all the steps. The Nail Concept team is here to guide you through the benefits of using a nail dehydrator for the safety and health of your nails!

Benefits of Using a Nail Dehydrator

The major benefit of a nail dehydrator is long-lasting nail enhancement. Dehydration is crucial to bond the nails properly. It can remove extra oil and moisture. As a result, it can decrease the chances that nails will fall off.

Other than this, proper nail adhesion avoids lifting and chipping of nails. So, it becomes ideal to apply underneath nail polish. Keep in mind that the DIY nail dehydrator is less costly than buying it.

Step-by-Step Guide for Making a DIY Nail Dehydrator

Follow the given below steps and make the DIY nail dehydrator:

Get The Necessary Materials and tools

Make sure to collect some ingredients and tools. These include:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Pure acetone

Another name of isopropyl alcohol is rubbing alcohol. It is a common disinfectant and can be available at supermarkets and drugstores. On the other hand, acetone is the solvent that can remove extra oil and moisture.

However, make sure to gather some tools and equipment:

  • Hygienic and clean nail polish bottle
  • Funnel to transfer liquid
  • Measuring spoon
  • Clean wipes, nail polish brush, and cotton pads


Ensure to choose the right and super quality materials and ingredients. Otherwise, low-quality materials can make the dehydrator less effective. Moreover, it can damage your nails.

Other than this, ensure you choose a clean and safe workplace.

Prepare your workspace

Make sure to first clean your workspace before mixing the ingredients. Always choose a dry and easy-to-access area.

Mix the nail dehydrator solution.

  1. Take a clean measuring cup and add 2 parts isopropyl alcohol with 1 part of acetone. For 1 cup of isopropyl, add half cup of acetone.
  2. Now, after mixing, transfer this solution to the clean bottle. You may use a funnel to transfer the solution.
  3. In the end, ensure to seal the bottle and shake properly.

Store your nail dehydrator properly.

Make sure to always keep the solution in the cool and dry place. Other than this, ensure to prevent sunlight and high temperature. It is because these can affect the solution.

Moreover, make sure to keep the solution away from heat and children.

How to use your DIY nail dehydrator

A DIY dehydrator is the best solution for long-term results. Other than this, these can create a professional look.

Now is the time to discuss the ways to use this DIY-created nail dehydrator:


When you have to apply the dehydrator, make sure to clean your nails. Other than this, ensure to clean any gel, polish and acetone. For shaping nails, you can use a nail file. However, make sure to push cuticles back via a cuticle pusher.

Moreover, make sure to use cotton pads for refraining nails. You may also avoid using cotton pads because these may leave the residue.

Safety considerations

At the time of application of the dehydrator, make sure to stay in a well-ventilated place. However, be sure to stay away from the fumes and heat. Also, wear protective gloves and eyewear to avoid eye contact.

In case the dehydrator touches the skin, make sure to rinse with water.

Can You Use a Nail Dehydrator?

A dehydrator is the solution to remove any extra oil and moisture from nails. This is used before the application of acrylic nails, polish, and wraps. Commonly, you can use it with acid-free primer. This way, you can create the space for proper adhesion.

The major benefit of the dehydrator is that it can dehydrate nails. So it can make the surface dry for better application of nail products. Other than this, the dehydrator can avoid chipping and lifting nails.


Nail dehydrator is the main step in acrylic nail applications. This is because dehydrators can balance pH. Other than this, primer is also crucial in the application of acrylic nails. It can prime the nail plate and ensure better adhesion of nails. Working on both products can ensure the proper application of nails.

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