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Can You Use Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat? Expert Guide

Commonly people prefer to use gel manicures because these are durable and shinier compared to regular nail polish. But now, many people use gel coating above regular nail polish to give a brighter look to nails. Always find the right nail coating from Nail Concept.

Actually, a combination of two things may damage your nails. That is why read our guide to know can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat.

Can You Use Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat?

Gel coating takes only a few seconds, maybe 30-60, to dry completely. After drying, the coating becomes harder.

With nail coating, you may give your nails a shinier and more beautiful look. But actually, it is not a good idea because it may prevent moisture from passing the nail beds. As a result, it becomes the breeding place for fungi.

To avoid the trap of water, make sure to know the time you should wait between two coatings. Ask the professionals at the nail salon to know the protocol for nail polish application.Never be careless while using the gel toping; even quickly dry gel polish.

Always find the right gel coating from the right supplier. Make sure to buy a coating of super quality. Otherwise, it will only damage your nails.

How You Can Apply a Gel Top Coat Over Regular Polish

Can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat? If yes, then read the following steps to apply it:

  1. First, prepare your nails to apply gel coating.
  2. Make sure to push back cuticles, fill your nails, and clean them using cotton pads soaked in alcohol.
  3. After that, make sure to apply nail polish with two thin coatings.
  4. Dry the thin coatings of nail polish completely. You should wait at least 5-7 hours to completely dry the nail polish. Otherwise, it will cause shrinkage and wrinkling of your nails.
  5. After drying out of nail polish, apply the thin layer of gel coating at the edges.
  6. Now, dry it for some time under the UV or Led Lamp according to the instructions of the gel coating brand. After drying, make sure to use alcohol to wipe off this sticky layer of gel coating.

Advantages of Using UV Gel Top Coat with Regular Nail Polish

The following are some major benefits of using gel coating for Nail Concepts:

  • Durable and may remain for a long time
  • Give shinier look
  • Smooth in texture

As you know, gel polishes are glossier and shinier than other polishes. But make sure to find the right gel coating that is durable and long-lasting.

What About a Gel Base Coat with Regular Nail Lacquer?

Can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat? It is not a good idea to use UV gel base coating with regular nail polish. The reason is that UV polishes don’t allow regular nail polish to adhere completely.

The primary purpose of the base coat is to support the nail polish on the nails. Gel coating is composed of different chemicals, which is why nail polish can’t adhere properly.

Suppose the nail polish doesn’t adhere properly to the nail plates. It may cause fast peeling of polish from the nails. Always find the right base coating from Nail Concept.


Most girls are conscious to know about removing their gel and other types of nail polish. Also, some of them with nail art skills want to know how they can use regular nail polish to get top coats.

The biggest question that arises is can you use regular nail polish with a gel top coat? Many types of gel coatings are available. Some are not durable, but most of the coatings, such as UV coating, are long-lasting.

So, it takes much effort to peel off the coating. Besides, the coating is resistant and can’t damage easily. It means you may keep this coating for almost 12-15 days. Find the right gel coating from Nail Concept!