Hair Salon in Jumeirah

Women’s hair salons in Jumeirah to Revive Your Hair

Nail Concepts Jumeirah offers you one-stop beauty solutions. We have hair treatments and styling at the top of the line. With our hair experts, we have designed a wide range of services that fits everyone’s needs. You can enjoy luxury services at one of best women’s hair salons in Jumeirah.

Hair treatments at a Women’s hair salon in Jumeirah boost your hair health.

We are offering you unlimited solutions that help you to revive your hair health and styling. Continuous iron, heating, and styling processes can damage your hair. Moreover, environmental conditions do impact hair texture and health at the same time. At Nail Concepts, we are focused on providing multiple treatments that revise your hair health.

We have well-defined hair treatments and spas:

  • Range of hair fall treatments
  • Range of Anti-dandruff treatments
  • Range of hair softening treatments
  • Range of hair straightening and moisturizing treatments

We use the best quality products from leading brands and offer you to get amazing hair treatments in our facility. Experts monitor all hair treatments, head massages, oiling, and other processes.

Our qualified staff takes care of your hair and lets you enjoy the treatments. Moreover, the experts at our hair spa make sure to suggest you the right kind of treatments to ensure there will be no side effects.

Hair styling and cutting range

Nail concepts Women’s hair salon in Jumeirah covers hair cutting and styling for you. With a team of hair stylists, we offer you the best styling options. These professionals have a grip over scissors, combs, and other styling tools.

From full-length to medium and even short-length haircuts, we are offering you all of them. Moreover, our hairdressing specialists are good at trimming your dead ends and giving a fresh look to your hair. They know the precise cuts and target the right length that requires a refreshing end every time.

Along with hair cutting, we offer blast dry, blow dry, curling, straightening, and many other styles. You can get any style, from braids to buns, waves to ponytails, and much more. Even for the party and bridal hair styling, we have expert stylists. They have hands-on expertise in making creative hairstyles that could be your trademark.

Hair Coloring at its Best

Nail Concepts is known as the best women’s hair salon in Jumeirah due to our unmatchable hair coloring services. We are the spot whenever you feel like changing your hair color or covering the grey hairs. Knowing that hair colors are a sensitive job and require precision, we follow the best service protocols.

Checking Hair Health and Condition

Before applying hair color chemicals, experts at our women hair salon in Jumeirah check out hair health. They ensure hairs are not weak and can stand against the coloring chemicals. If your hair condition is not good, we share the alternatives with you. The consultants suggest you take the hair health to regain treatments and then proceed with coloring.

Selecting the right coloring product

Since we are dedicated to hair care and styling, we have all the available hair color products in the market. These all are tested, verified, and only from the best companies. However, our professionals do not apply them randomly to the customers. For each hair type, we use different products. We offer ammonia-free hair colors for weak hairs that cannot bear ammonia or people with sensitive skin. It helps the clients to decide what fits them.

Patch testing the product

Even before getting started, we never miss out on a patch test. It is our compulsory protocol, and we cannot ignore it. Using a small amount of coloring mixture, we apply it at the backside of the customer’s ear to check if it causes any irritation or not.

Application and clean up

If the patch test goes well, we will start the whole process. The application is always parted, and experts use their best techniques to cover each part of the hair. They apply it carefully and evenly, so all hairs get the best coverage. For the highlights coloring, we use multiple techniques based on the hair length and highlight shade. Right after application time, our team gently cleans and washes the hair to drain the chemical and show you the exact color of the hair.

Aftercare instructions

At our women’s hair salon in Jumeirah, we help you to have the best after-color care of your hair. Our experts provide detailed instructions to wash and care for your hair. It helps you to enjoy the better color for a longer time.

Open for consultations!

Nail Concepts is always keen to help its clients with the best services. We understand when your hair needs help, you are desperate for consultation. Our hair technicians are always available to help you with it. You can call us and book a consultation at our women hair salon in Jumeirah. Our consultation is free for you if you proceed with the treatment or service.