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What to Do Before Dying Hair At Salon

What to Do Before Dying Hair At Salon

Nowadays, having dye colors has become the most trendy fashion around the world. Every month, thousands of women change their hair colors and invest in professional hair salon services. Sometimes, finding a hair salon for women can become tricky and challenging for them.

Professional hair colors at the salon are the best investment of time and money. Don’t need to spend in the pro chair for a new dye. At the same time, you can try the new hair kit in your own home. Suppose you don’t want to damage your hair dye. Then, get help from a professional colorist for better dye.

Before you choose the dye box, you can follow the at-home color combinations for an elegant look.

1.     Bring Reference Photos:

Make sure to come with five hair color pics to a stylist at the hair salon for women. However, this can help your stylist and you to choose the right picture. However, it is impossible for the stylist to match your color with the picture. So, it is better to provide the color option for the final hue that you like. Also, it is better to take some photos that you want to avoid.

2.     Check In With Your Stylist:

Always consider the stylist’s preference for the job while scheduling an appointment. Some stylists ask customers to come with clean hair. At the same time, some stylists ask you to come with dry hair. So, be sure to ask the stylists’ preferences and prepare your hair accordingly.

3.     Follow Your Normal Makeup Routine:

However, it is better to go for hair dye with a bare face. But you may also follow the normal makeup routine. It can help the stylist make over your hair and avoid getting a tone that may wash out.

4.     Lay Off the Heat Tools:

Don’t use much heat for your hair. But it is better to give the hair a break before making a hair color appointment. While running the protectant or diffuser, you leave the strands at risk. These may remain dry and oversaturated. So, a break from heat styling ensures you close up your strands. You can even learn how to have salon hair every day by following certain tips and tricks at home.

5.     Use a Hair Mask:

Ensure to prepare your hair with extra moisture. It is the better way to prep and nourish the strands before coloring. There is no need to use normal conditioner; use it overnight.

There are a lot of brands available in the market that provide the best hair masks for women and men. However, you can find a list of hair masks online. But make sure to first check your hair sensitivity and the type of hair that you have before buying any expensive hair mask.

6.     Deep conditioning hair mask:

Ensure the use of a hair mask for hydration and reconstruction of strands before the dye appointment. This can keep the color and shine of the hair. Always use deep conditioners after washing your hair.

Those women who have dry scalps should never skip using conditioners. It gives their hair more grip and power to fight with our environment. Also, it can protect their scalp from air residuals as well.

7.     Come In With a Clean Cut:

Before the color dye session, don’t become crazy about the new style. However, if you want to take off more than an inch, then ensure that you care about your hair before an appointment. Ensure that you keep your hair in the right shape.

So, it allows the stylist to map the strands accordingly. Also, you don’t have to deal with the split ends. You may also request the color session with the dry cut in one appointment. Some women don’t trim their hair. But before dying your hair, the Nail Concept team always suggests to their clients to either have a haircut or trim their hair, which gives them a fresh and vibrant look.

8.     Dress for Success:

When you have to go for the color appointment, ensure to avoid dressing. Also, you don’t need to wear jewelry. Mainly, color shifts may be a risky option because they may bleed after some time. But the small dye job means leaking of foils, shampoo bowls, and more. Ensure to stick to the dark color. Also, be sure to sleep on a dark-colored pillow.

9.     Free Up Your Day:

Though color appointments may remain for 3-8 hours, it is crucial to free up the day. It means you don’t need to make an appointment before a special event. Hair is unpredictable, and stylists may take a lot of time to achieve all your desired results. So ensure to free up the schedule. However, don’t make an appointment before the estimated end time.


You have to consider some factors before dying your hair at the salon before scheduling your coloring session. It is better to check if your stylist offers time before the next appointment. For subtle dyes such as ombre or balayage, you may wait for months. However, for dramatic colors such as darks to lights, you have to dye after a few weeks.

If you are looking to spend on quality nail and hair salons for women, then check out Nail Concept Salon services. Enjoy professional hair and nail services in affordable packages!

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