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What is a Full Manicure and Pedicure?

What is a Full Manicure and Pedicure

Getting a manicure and pedicure is not only about looking pretty. It is also about feeling better and maintaining the health of your hands and feet. It is about caring for yourself and letting you feel good as well as reviving. But most women and men who get a manicure don’t know what is included in a full manicure. Thus, the Nail Concept team is here to guide you through the benefits of full manicure and pedicure.

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What Exactly is Full Manicure and Pedicure?

A manicure and pedicure are the famous treatments in each salon. But do you know what these treatments are and how they are beneficial? A manicure is a beauty treatment for nails and hands. This treatment includes shaping, trimming and polishing of nails. As well as it includes the application of moisturizers to hands.

A pedicure is also the same process, but it treats toes and feet. This treatment includes trimming, shaping and polishing of nails. It also includes the application of moisturizers to the feet. In these treatments, professionals scrub, clean, file and massage your hands and feet. The process takes almost an hour to complete. So you can relax and pamper yourself during this period.

There are differences between these two treatments. Manicures treat your hands, while pedicures treat your feet and legs. Another difference is that manicures cover more nail care than pedicures. During the manicure, a professional massages the hands and applies cuticle oil. While in pedicure, professionals trim the cuticles and apply lotion to the feet. Manicures also take less time and require fewer steps than pedicures.

Type of Pedicures and Manicure

You may avail yourself of different types of beauty treatment services. The famous options are:

Basic Manicure:

This standard manicure covers trimming and shaping of nails. As well as this cover cuticle treatment.

Deluxe Manicure:

It is a luxurious manicure with basic services. This commonly includes extra treatment such as massage and exfoliation.

Shellac Manicure:

It is the gel polish that may last for two weeks. It is the better option if you want to keep your nails looking beautiful in a special event.

Spa Manicure:

It is the most relaxing and recovery treatment. This commonly covers all the basic and luxury treatments, such as essential oil and paraffin wax.

Benefits of Full Manicure and Pedicure

You can’t deny the benefits of manicure and pedicure. These not only make your hands and feet look beautiful. While these also offer other benefits such as:


Commonly manicure and pedicures seen luxury. But at the same time, these are relaxing and help you remain comfortable after a long day.

Improved circulation

Getting a manicure and pedicure can improve circulation in the hands and feet. This is the better thing if you suffer from cold feet and hands.

Healthier nails

Manicure and pedicure can keep your nails healthy. As a result there are less chances of breaking of nails.

Remove Dead Skin Cells

Manicure and pedicure can remove dead cells. So this can enhance the tone and texture of your skin.

Better hand and foot care

With a manicure and pedicure, you can get better hands and feet. These treatments can keep hands and feet soft, smooth and strong.

How Do I Get A Full Manicure And Pedicure in Dubai?

A pedicure and manicure are the two treatments that commonly perform together. Manicure treatment includes treating nails and hands. At the same time, pedicures include treatment of feet and toes.

You may visit the salon and spa to perform manicures and pedicures. In basic treatments, there is trimming and shaping of nails and application of polish. However on luxury level, it include exfoliation, massage and use of paraffin wax.

So if you want to get manicure and pedicure, consider some things. First of all, find out the right and reputable salon. Secondly, ensure to choose the experienced and qualified technician. Finally connect with professionals regarding your concerns and preferences. If you are looking to book your appointment in Dubai at best salon then choose Nail concept for having a best beauty spa treatment.


Beauty nail salon Dubai like Nail Concept in UAE offer services of full manicure and pedicure as the common treatments. As these are simple procedures so these take less time. However within short time, these can bring a major difference in hands and feet.

If you have decided to get manicure and pedicure, you need to know many things. After knowing everything, you can make the right decision about the right one. Book your appointment now to get best services!