Nail Spa in Jumeirah

Transform your nails at Professional Nail Spa in Jumeirah

Nail Concepts is known for its amazing nail care and spa services. We have been a dedicated professional Nail spa in Jumeirah since the beginning. Though we are offering multiple skin care and salon services right now, our specialty and grip on nail grooming, care, and spa are unmatchable.

We understand the importance of nail hygiene and care to enhance your beauty. It is the reason we are focused on making it best for all our clients. We have been coming up with the best services and adding more to the treasure for our clients.

Services to Enjoy at Nail Spa in Jumeirah

You can find every possible treatment and service for your nails at Nail concepts. We are advancing with nail care, growth, treatment, extensions, and more. It is more than just trimming or cleansing that your nails require to look beautiful, attractive, and stunning. Our nail artists and specialists are always there to add charm to your nails and their presentation.

Mani Cure & Pedi Cure

We are offering you basic to herbal and exotic manicure and pedicure services. These are normally included as basic nail care and maintenance services. However, we have added messages, oils, and different extensions to the service. At our professional Nail spa in Jumeirah, you can also find different kinds of manicures and pedicures. These are designed for different nail, hand, and foot conditions.

Nail Art

The next big thing on the service line is nail art. Our manicure and pedicure services offer basic nail pain, gel paint, and other grooming options. However, you can go advance with some amazing nail art pieces. Our nail artists took a step ahead in giving you the best match nail art designs, from gradients to stripes, shapes, drawings, and more. They add more luxury to your nails and do them perfectly. You can select from our range of nail designs or show us the design you would like to have.

Nail Spa

Other than basic nail care options, we have a whole nail spa in Jumeirah for you. The spa includes multiple massages and treatments for whitening, moisturizing, revitalizing, and exfoliating hands and feet, and nails. It is an extensive step in making your nail care more exquisite and appealing at the same time. It makes you feel relaxed and fresh. The gentle messages are amazing for relaxing your nerves and improving blood circulation simultaneously.

Nail Treatments

Nail Concepts care about your nail condition; we know not everyone has healthy nails. You may have different nail conditions or want them in the best shapes. We offer you the ultimate nail treatments, including straightening your nails, shaping nails, callus removals, dead skin removal, and much more. Along with nails, we provide the best care for hands and feet, making your nails, hands, and feet look adorable.

Nail Extensions

At our professional nail spa in Jumeirah, you will get unlimited nail extensions, from gel extensions to beading extensions. We do all of them by customizing to your nail shape, size and demand. Moreover, our experts provide your extension or gel removal services. These are essential to make safe and painless removal possible and let your original nails breathe a little.

What makes us Best in Town?

Nail concepts are the best nail spa in Jumeirah. We do not have any other match because of our wide range of services. Not just the services, our exclusive features make us the best one.

Hygienic Conditions

At our spa, we are too concerned about the hygienic conditions. For each treatment, we use sterilized tools and equipment. Where possible, we use disposable kits that are easy to use and discarded after one-time use. These kits are environmentally friendly, so we do not put a trash burden.

Best Quality Products

All the products from our manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, treatments, and spa are of the best quality. We use only trusted products with the best results and have safe ingredients. Our client’s health is important to us, and our experts avoid using any products that contain hazardous chemicals or substances.

Painless Extension Removal

Removing nail extensions is a big challenge. If it’s not done carefully or by experts, it can be painful and hurtful too. We offer painless extension removal at a professional nail spa in Jumeirah. Using the best tools and techniques, our experts know how to eliminate all the extensions and residue without damaging the original nail.

Dedicated Nail Art Stations

For each client, we have dedicated nail art stations. None of the clients have to share these stations. If all the stations are busy, we ask clients to wait until one of them gets free. Whenever the station gets free, our staff will clean, sanitize and reset the station before asking the next client to join the nail artists on the counter.

Complimentary Services

Nail concepts offer a few complimentary services in a combination of spa treatments or manicure and pedicure. These are a part of our service structure that helps the clients to save more and get better services every time with us.

Affordable pricing

Comparing the prices of our nail spa in Jumeirah, you will never find this affordable pricing anywhere. We understand the importance and need of nail, hand, and foot care for you. That’s why we have kept these services as affordable as possible. Giving you quality at reasonable pricing makes us the best in town.

It’s time to pamper your nails!

Do you want to pamper your nails? Get yourself an appointment at the professional Nail Spa in Jumeirah right now. Our experts are ready to serve you with the best services and options.