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How to Style Short Wavy Hair With Easy Ways!

How to Style Short Wavy Hair With Easy Ways!

Short, wavy hair can add charm and style to your personality. These hairs are the best combination of elegance and ease. So these give a chic and cool look.

Whether your hairs are naturally curly or you have applied waves. You always need to have art to style your wavy hair. This way, you can enhance your look and confidence.

This guide will help you to know 5 steps to style your short, wavy hair whether you have to attend an occasion or want waves on a daily basis. These steps will surely help you to get a stunning look. You may also ask Nail Concept to style your wavy hair for effortless beauty.

5 Best and Easy Ways to Style Your Short-Wavy Hair

Suppose you want a chic and organized look. Then, you have the best option to style your short, wavy hair. Enhance the look of natural waves using the right style methods. It will help you to create a stylish but effortless look.

Let’s go through the 5 easy ways to style your short, wavy hair:

Step 1: Start with a Proper Haircut

The best-suited haircut is the base of wavy hair styling. Visit Nail Concept for the proper haircut according to face shape. Commonly for short wavy hair, the following are famous options:

  • Bob cut
  • Pixie cut
  • Shaggy style

Ask the stylist to add layers to increase the natural wavy pattern. Also, it provides volume to hairs that look stunning.

Step 2: Wash and Condition Your Hair

After the proper haircut, you have to wash your hair. Make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo and hydrating conditioner. These will retain the moisture of your hair. After washing, use a towel to dry your hair. But pat gently instead of vigorously rubbing.

Step 3: Apply a Wave-Enhancing Product

Now, you have to use a wave-enhancing product. It will enhance the look of natural waves. The products may be sea salt spray, curl-enhancing cream, or mousse. All these products are useful to add texture to waves. Make sure to use the product on your hair and use your hands for spreading.

Step 4: Air-dry or Diffuse Your Hair

Now you have to dry your short, wavy hair. For this, you have two options such as:


It is a natural and mild way to dry wavy hair. Keep your wet hair alone for some time in the air to dry it completely. For wave formation, you can occasionally crumple hair after drying.


Suppose you don’t have much time si, simply dry hairs in the air. Then, you can use a diffuser attached to the hair dryer. Set the dryer at low heat and speed. Then, cup hair into the diffuser and lift it up to the scalp. After that, move the diffuser in a circle and prevent damaging the natural wave pattern.

Step 5: Define and Finish Your Waves

After drying short, wavy hair, you have to finish your waves for a beautiful look.

Define with a Curling Iron:

To get defined waves, you can use curling iron. Make sure to choose the iron according to wave size. Then, take some hairs and wrap them around the iron. Hold for 15 seconds, and then release. Continuous this method until you curve all hair. Then, gently run your finger to crumple all your hair knots.

Finish with Styling Products:

For setting off waves and enhancing shine, add a finishing product. This may be light hairspray to keep waves in place without making them stiff. You may also use a few drops of oil to add a shiny look and prevent the frizzing of hairs.


We have discussed the steps to style your short, wavy hair. This process is not complicated. However, it requires art and skills. After that, you can get a chic and cool look that best suits your personality.

Keep in mind that practice can make you perfect. So don’t hesitate to practice again and again. Experiment with different ways and patterns. Hopefully, you will soon get the effortless wavy hair. Ask Nail Concept to help you get your dream look.