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How to Style Hair Extensions – Professional Guide

How to Style Hair Extensions

Are you interested in increasing the length, volume, and versatility of your hair? Well! You are at the right place, for this hair extensions are used.

But the main art is to style the extension. Whether you use clip-ins or sew-in extensions. You always need to have the skills to style them for a beautiful look.

This guide is designed to help you know the tips to style the extension. So don’t wait and transform your look by visiting Nail Concept!

Start with Properly Installed Extensions:

Before you start styling your extension, make sure to install it properly. You may install it yourself or ask Nail Concept to help you. But ensure that the extension is safe and blended perfectly. This is the foundation of styling that makes it easier.

Heat Protectant is Your Best Friend:

Though extensions are not natural. But these act like natural hairs. It means these are prone to damage from heat or styling tools. So, for the protection of extension, use heat protectant spray. Then, use any tool, such as a curler, dryer, or straightener. This step can protect your extension and increase its longevity.

Match Your Extensions to Your Natural Hair Texture:

To bring a flawless blend, find the extension that matches the natural hair texture. No matter what your hair texture is, always find the right extension. Hair texture may either be curly, straight, kinky, or wavy. This gives a managed and blended look to your hair.

Curling Hair Extensions:

These extensions are perfect for increasing the volume and dimension of hair. Let’s discuss how to install it:

  1. Make separate sections of hairs and extension
  2. Start installing it into the small hair section. Then wrap around the curler, but make sure to leave tips
  3. Hold on for 10-15 seconds, then release and cool the curl before releasing it
  4. Repeat this method for all hair sections
  5. After completion, use fingers to separate curls for a natural look

Straightening Hair Extensions:

To bring a sleek and straight hair look, use this extension. Let’s discuss how to install it:

  1. Use a brush to remove any knots from the extension
  2. Make separate sections of hairs and extension
  3. Use a flat iron from top to tip for each section
  4. Make sure to set the iron at proper heat. It must be less than natural hair
  5. Use the iron gently, and don’t need to pull it extra. This way, you can prevent the extension from damage.

Create Beautiful Updos and Ponytails:

Hair extensions are very beneficial for ponytails and updos. To get these styles, you have to follow the given below steps:

  1. Hold all your natural hair and extension hair into a ponytail. This may either be low or high or bun. Use a pin or tie to secure all these hairs
  2. To enhance the volume of hair, use a comb and clown ponytail with it
  3. If you want to hide the hairpin, wrap some hairs around the ponytail base. Then, use a bobby pin to secure this bun
  4. Now, use hairspray to keep ponytails or updos in the right place

Blend and Layer for a Seamless Look:

If you want a pleasant blend of natural hair and extension. Then you should follow these tips:

  1. Make layers of hair extension according to the layers of natural hair
  2. For blending of extension into hair, use a razor. You can also use a shear to get a more stunning look.
  3. Now, use a hair oil or serum for natural hair and extension. This will add shine and reduce frizzy hair.

Experiment with Accessories:

Hair accessories are also important to enhance the stylish extension look. So you must add one of these accessories. These include hairpins, headbands, scarves, or barrettes. These will express the unique hairstyle.


We have discussed all tips for styling hair extensions as it is a skill or art that needs some attention and main points. Once you become a master in this art, it means you can enhance the volume and length of your hair at any time. This way, you can create a stunning look wherever you go.

Whether you have to curl or straighten your extension, make sure to practice some tips and don’t be afraid to get a new look. You may also visit Nail Concept to get a stunning look.