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How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus From Nail Salon Easily?

There are several nail salons present in Dubai. All salons are reliable and offer many services. These include pedicures, removal of acrylic nails and removal of toenail fungus. However, all the services of the salons are relaxing and reliable.

You can book and go for any service, such as a pedicure. But keep in mind that this process may cause the growth of fungus in toenails.

FACT: A report showed that almost 53% of people who visited salons regularly experienced a fungal infection. Some symptoms of this infection include white or yellow discolorration and distorted shape.

The experts of Nail Concept ensure you get rid of this issue. The experts of this salon follow some useful tips. So you must visit this nail salon in dubai for a preventive pedicure. To know tips, keep reading this blog!

Scope out your salon:

Can nail salons do ombre nails? Yes, a reliable salon always does it for you. But make sure tovisit your salon before the appointment. This way, you will get an idea about all the instruments used. Moreover, it will help you to know whether the salon care for disinfection and sterilization.

Besides you should also check which type of pedicure the person gives. Make sure that the professional use new tool for a new client.

Suppose you feel any issues at this stage. You are free to ask the salon to must sterilize your tool before use.

Be careful with open wounds:

How to get rid of toenail fungus at a nail salon? For this,never put your foot in the bath when it has an open wound. Moreover, it is not recommended for salons to cut your skin during pedicures. The reason is that this cut is the path of microorganisms to pass through the foot. As a result, it causes infection.

Most of the time, an unprofessional man cuts your skin during a pedicure. So when you put your foot in the bath. Then the bacteria start passing from the legs into the foot through the cut.

Get the right tools and procedures:

Never allow your podiatrist to cut toenails too short. Otherwise, it will cause infection. Moreover, it will cause other issues such as nipper nails and ingrown nails.

Moreover, some salons use metal files or graters. They use these tools to remove dry and dead skin. In comparison, these tools are not safe because they may tear the skin. As a result, your skin is more at risk of microorganisms.

Bring your own pedicure kit:

Can nail salons do ombre nails? The answer is yes, butin most salons, you have to go with your own tools. Plus, you also need to go with a pedicure kit. So it is always necessary to sterilize all the tools. For this, you should soak them in alcohol. Then keep them at a high temperature.

Double-check the nail polish:

Keep in mind that most salon experts use the same nail polish brush for all clients. It means hundreds of toenails touch the same brush. So you should check and choose the full unopened bottle of nail polish.

Check for certification:

Always choose a certified salon such as Nail Concept. This salon care for safety, health and other requirements. So you should visit this salon for the proper removal of fungus from toenails. The salon has registered certification in the sitting area, so you can check.

Don’t let nail technicians remove an ingrown toenail:

How to get rid of toenail fungus at a nail salon? Though many salons ensure you remove ingrown toenails safely. But actually, it is very risky, so don’t go for it. For this, you need to consult an expert podiatrist. The reason is some toenails are infected. So when these again expose to bacteria, it will worsen the problem.

Don’t let nail technicians remove your calluses:

Some salons ask you to remove calluses, but the process may be aggressive. As a result, the unprofessional person may cut your skin. It is much more risky for diabetic and heart patients.


We have discussed different tips that salons use to remove fungus from toenails. The professionals of Nail Concept follow all the above-mentioned tips. They know the importance of healthy nails.

Commonly some other salons use whirlpool baths. But it is risky because of no properly cleaned bath. As a result, the fungus and bacteria of the old client stick to the new client.

How to get rid of toenail fungus at a nail salon? For this, each salon should drain the water after a bath. Then the professionals should fill the pool with clean water. But before filling, they should use disinfectant for 15 minutes. Moreover, it is recommended that each salon use individual bath liners or glass bowls.