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How To Care For Your Hands? Beauty Salon Tips

When it comes to skincare, we often ignore our hand’s skin. Honestly, even beauty conscious people are mostly concerned about their face and ignoring their hands and feet. However, these are the most used and damaged body parts that require most of our attention. If you want healthy looking, one tone and younger looking hands, here are the best ideas to care for your hands and nails. Scroll down to get hands care information.

How to Rejuvenate Your Hand’s Skin?

Hands require frequent care. Best hands and nail salon in Dubai recommend hand massages, cleaning, exfoliating and more.  It is essential to get manicure treatment if your hands have rough and aged skin. Moreover, you need to avoid dryness and wrinkles to get younger and glowing hands. Here is what you can do for the rejuvenated hand’s skin.

Use moisturizers

Hands require deep moisturization. Keep moisturizing your hands aggressively, especially in the cold weather. Use high quality moisturizer made for hands specially.

Avoid extreme water temperatures

Too hot or too cold temperatures damage the skin badly. Never put your hands in hot water. Always use lukewarm water to wash dishes or for having a shower.

Use gloves

Wear gloves on hot sunny days to avoid harmful Ultraviolet rays. Similarly,use of gloves in winter saves hands from dryness and weather effects. Gloves lock the moisture in the skin and keep the skin healthy and fresh.

Nail’s Care for Younger Looking Hands

Nails are the prominent part of our hands. When your nails are healthy and in the best shape, it will automatically uplift your hand’s beauty. Along with knowing How to blow dry hair like a salon at home you should know the salon’s hand care routine. Hand and Nail salon in Dubai suggests exfoliation,moisturization,and buffing of nails. Here are some additional care tips by experts you should follow at home:

Use cuticle oil

Usually, cuticle oil is frequently used for manicure treatments. However, it is also used as the top moisturizer for nails. It is a superb way to massage your nails with a bit of cuticle oil regularly.

Avoid excessive use of nail polish

Excessive use of nail polish may prove harmful for the nail’s health. You can observe pail and dry nails when polish is removed. Our nails require proper moisture and air to let in. Nail polish coating does not allow any moisture inside that is surely not good for the healthy nails. So, try to avoid nail polish every one or two weeks.  

Apply primer before polishing

Just like the facial skin, nails also require primer. Primer not only keeps the nail art long lasting but also avoids the damage to the nails surface. 

Quick tips to get glowing hands and nails

  •  Never compromise over hand and feet products. Always try superior quality products for the best results.
  • Moisturize aggressively to your hands and nails. Keep moisturizing hands after every two or three hours in cold weather.
  • Remove nail polish or nail art before starting a hand or nail massage.
  • Exfoliate your hands twice a week to avoid dust and poor elements.
  • Avoid frequent exposure to sun rays as hands skin may get damaged. Apply sunblock with SPF to avoid sun damage.
  • Apply a safe nail base that can be removed easily.

Wrap Up!

Best Nail salon in Dubai offers premium nail and hand care treatments. The goal is to provide the younger and glowing hand skin to the service users. No matter if you get hand care treatment at a salon or manage it at home, just do it safely and regularly. Simple home remedies can provide you with miraculous results. A little hand care and massages with simple nail arts can make your hands attractive and catchy. To avoid wrinkles and aging hands, settle a hand care routine once or twice a week. If your hands are too damaged to repair at home, it is good to go to a manicure professional.  

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