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Can Nail Salons Do Jelly Nails?

Nails have always been essential to personal grooming, fashion, and self-expression. One recent trend that has taken the fashion world by storm is the ‘Jelly Nails.’ But can your local nail salon create these fascinating nail designs? Let’s delve into it.

History of Jelly Nails

The Jelly Nails trend, despite being a new fascination in the world of nail art, isn’t a new invention. This style, also known as ‘glass nails,’ dates back to the late 90s and early 2000s, a time of vibrant, translucent colors and bold designs. But as with all trends, what goes around comes around.

What are Jelly Nails?

Jelly nails are a type of manicure that gives the nails a glossy, semi-transparent, and vibrant look. They emulate the look of jelly or hard candy, thus the name.

The Appeal of Jelly Nails


Jelly nails are hugely popular among fashion-forward individuals and celebrities alike. Their colorful, shiny appearance can add fun and style to any outfit, making them perfect for everyday wear and special occasions.

Design Versatility

One of the reasons for the burgeoning popularity of jelly nails is their design versatility. They can be styled in various shapes, lengths, and colors, providing endless possibilities for customization.

How Are Jelly Nails Created?

Materials and Tools

Creating jelly nails requires specific materials and tools, such as a base coat, jelly polishes, UV/LED lamp, and a top coat.

The Creation Process

The process involves applying a base coat, followed by multiple layers of the jelly polish, and curing each layer under a UV/LED lamp. The manicure is then sealed with a top coat.

Can Nail Salons Do Jelly Nails?

Professional Expertise

Yes, nail salons can do jelly nails. It requires professional expertise and precision to achieve the desired look. Nail technicians at salons are trained and equipped with the necessary skills and tools to create perfect jelly nails.

Benefits of Salon Services

Getting your jelly nails done at a salon ensures that the manicure is carried out precisely and carefully. Salons also offer a variety of jelly nail polish colors and designs, providing you with numerous options for customization.

Home Vs. Salon: Making the Right Choice

Convenience and Cost

While DIY-ing jelly nails at home may seem cost-effective and convenient, it can be time-consuming and tricky if you’re not experienced. On the other hand, salons may charge more, but they ensure a high-quality, professional result.

Quality and Durability

Salon-made jelly nails usually have a higher quality finish and last longer. Nail technicians are trained to prep the pins correctly, apply the polish evenly, and cure it perfectly, resulting in a durable and glossy finish.

Care and Maintenance of Jelly Nails

Aftercare Tips

Post-manicure care is crucial for maintaining the shine and longevity of jelly nails. This includes avoiding harsh chemicals, using gloves while doing household chores and moisturizing your nails regularly.

The lifespan of Jelly Nails

When properly cared for, jelly nails can last up to three weeks. However, this duration can vary depending on individual lifestyle and care routine.

Potential Risks and Considerations

While jelly nails are relatively safe, some people may experience allergies or sensitivities to the gel polish. Always choose a reputable salon with high-quality products and good hygiene practices.


With their bright, glossy, and translucent look, jelly nails have made a big splash in the fashion world. Nail salons, equipped with the required tools and expertise, can create stunning jelly nails that are both durable and stylish. Getting them done at a salon might be more expensive than doing it yourself at home, but the professional finish and durability it offers make it worth every penny. Always take good care of your manicure to maintain its shine and longevity.


  • How long does it take to get jelly nails done at a salon?
  • The process can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the design.
  • Can I remove jelly nails at home?
  • While removing them at home is possible, cleaning them professionally is recommended to avoid damaging your nails.
  • Are jelly nails harmful to my natural nails?
  • Jelly nails are generally safe. However, improper application or removal can cause damage to the natural nails.
  • Do jelly nails require any special care?
  • They require regular moisturizing and protection from harsh chemicals to maintain their shine and longevity.
  • Can I get jelly nails if I have short nails?
  • Yes, jelly nails can be done on both short and long nails.
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