Beauty Salon in Jumeirah

Luxury Beauty Salon in Jumeirah with Exclusive Services

Nail Concepts focuses on providing you the world-class beauty services. We are specialized in giving you the best in town services with affordable packages and expert handling. With the well-trained staff, maintained and hygienic environment, and high-quality products, we make it possible for you to look beautiful.

Whether you are concerned about skincare, hair care, body pampering, nail extension, or art, we are a one-stop solution. Our beauty salon in Jumeirah is known for its exclusive services, world-class hospitality, and best products.

Beautify Yourself

At Nail concept, we give you every chance to beautify yourself at its best. We are known for the right skin treatments and services for women. Our beauty salon near Hyatt Place Jumeirah is the best spot to enhance your aura of beauty. We have got you covered with the following:

  • Expert beauticians
  • Skincare and hair care professionals
  • Nail artists and extension experts
  • Body massage and spa professionals

We only work with well-trained and industry-oriented professionals. It is why with every appointment, we not only omit but also prove the visible results. You can beautify yourself to the larger extent you like.

All the Luxury Services that you Need

Our salon in Port View is the best location and ideal spot to enjoy every beauty treatment. You do not have to wait or worry about anything so far. We have got you covered for everything. Switching your salons for expert services is no need as we are here.


We cover everything from party to bridal and even day-to-day makeup grooming. Our makeup artists are experienced enough to match your skin tones and use the right products and shades that fit perfectly to your personality. Using highly pigmented and stable products, we ensure that your makeup lasts long.

Nails concept is one finest beauty salon in Jumeirah that use branded and tested products. We do not experiment the makeup products on our clients. Use only the safest and most appropriate one.

Beauty Salon in Jumeirah


At Nails Concepts, we have a wide range of skincare treatments and a management section. It includes everything from facials to cleanings, grooming, and pampering. Using our best facials and cleansing range, we provide you with the right treatments. Leaving a glow to your skin, exfoliating dead cells, and giving you all bright, healthy, and moisturized skin.

Our beauty salon in port View offers you a wide range of facial services and skin treatments. These all are done by experts and trained professionals in a hygienic environment.

Nails Extensions and Nail Art

We are not only offering you the manicure or pedicure that seems very basic. With every session, we let you have nail extensions and nail art at beauty salon in Jumeirah. You can select a form and then due nail art to the fancy and themed one. It is your classy presentation, and your style suits your personality. We have the best nail artists who love to experiment and come up with variant designs, styles, and art for you. Moreover, we ensure painless extension removal possible.

Body Care & Spa

Nails concepts in Jumeirah does have a spa section exclusively designed to give you ultimate body care and pampering. We are offering to make your whole body feel beautiful and soothing. You can relax and exfoliate your body using numerous spa options along with massages. Our range of massages and treatments helps to de-tan the body, remove dead skin cells, moisturize the body, remove strawberry skin, and much more.

Hair Styling and Treatments

Explore our range of hair treatments and styling options at Beauty salon in Jumeirah that make you stand out. At Nailconcepts, we are possessive about hair, which is why we have only senior professionals in this section. From hair cutting to trimming, styling, colors, extensions, and treatments, there are experts to handle everything.

They check the hair, skin texture, or type before giving you the perfect treatment. We have the highest success rate for our coloring and hair rescue treatments.

 Beauty Salon in Jumeirah

Beauty Standards Designed for you!

We are a Salon in Port Views designed to uplift your standard of beauty and hygiene. We understand it’s impossible to have perfect beauty treatment without hygiene, so we have high-end cleanness protocols in-house.

  • We use only time use facial, makeup, and hair treatment kits
  • Cleans and sanitizes our beauty stations regularly
  • Staff keep the facial masks on along with head caps, gloves, and coveralls
  • All the staff members are tested and vaccinated for the infections
  • We prefer sterilizing each tool used one time before using it another time

Having an active cleaning department to discard the trash appropriately right on time  

Consult with Skin Care and Grooming Experts

Nailconcepts Beauty Salon in Jumeirah lets you connect with skincare and grooming experts. These are professionals with the right advice for you. Knowing your personality or needs, they suggest you the best options. Get yourself a consultation appointment today and transform your beauty treatments.